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What is Georgia Coatings?

Georgia Coatings, Inc. provides paint and coating services throughout Georgia and parts of Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Georgia Coatings, Inc. is locally owned and specializes in residential, commercial, and church painting. The local owners have proudly used Rhino Shield for over Sixteen years with outstanding long term results. The Rhino Shield brand is nationally and internationally sold. We have a network of dealers across the country for when we need some wisdom and Rhino Shield offers a great deal of support when it is required as well. When it comes to making a choice regarding an exterior home painter, don't hesitate to contact your professional exterior home painting contractor, Rhino Shield! We are here to service all your residential paint needs. Our team is equipped to handle all your questions and concerns.  Georgia Coatings, Inc will also tackle wood repairs, traditional painting, deck painting or staining, and some industrial materials when needed.  We do more than just the Rhino Shield products.

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About Georgia Coatings

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Problem Solvers

Georgia Coatings, Inc. is a full service professional paint company with experienced estimators, painting contractors, and inspectors. Georgia Coatings, Inc. has the experience and products to address wood rot, rust remediation, lead paint, stucco cracking, reoccurring peeling, efflorescence, stubborn mildew, carpenter bees, salt air, and other challenges. Our painting contractors can handle siding repairs, corner boards replacement, sofit and fascia repair, and some historical repairs. If we don't have an answer we will find you the answer. We have solutions that traditional paint doesn't have solve for. We know that traditional paint companies are not out there to make a product that is going to put them out of business. We're different. We don't want repeat customers. We only want you as a customer once!

'A' Rated

Georgia Coatings, Inc. is proud to say we have an exceptional record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Rhino Shield ceramic coatings are also Class "A" fire and smoke tested, and may qualify for a discount on homeowners insurance in wildfire states.

Coastal Worthiness

Rhino Shield passed the Miami-Dade Wind-Driven Rain Standard test, proving that our coating can withstand wind-driven rain up to 126 MPH. Rhino Shield has also out-performed the leading industry standard for Rustoleum and salt tolerance. When it comes to the weather on the coast, Rhino Shield ceramic coating was designed to handle the harsh salt air, wind, and high heat. No other paint will live up to what Rhino Shield can do on your home.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

Georgia Coatings, Inc. offers EPA lead-safe certifications and procedures. The company certificate number is NAT-46051-1. The EPA has put strict guildelines we need to follow when it comes to lead paint. If your home was built prior to 1976 we will test it and let you know the process. Unfortunately, it will be more expensive up front, but consider the long term savings compared to putting traditional paint on your home.  You will have to repeat the process over and over and pay for the higher costs each time you use traditional exterior paint. We have the trained crews to work with and keep your home safe from lead contamination. While traditionally we see many home improvement companies come and go, Rhino Shield in Georgia and Tennessee has been a staple in the industry for many years. You can count on us.

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About Georgia CoatingsAbout Georgia CoatingsAbout Georgia Coatings

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