Acrylic Urethane Exterior Paint Coating

The innovative protective paint coatings we use at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings are designed to improve your property while maintaining attractiveness for a long-lasting and appealing exterior. Rhino Shield is a 100 percent waterborne high build formula, meaning that it only takes a single application from our painters versus the multiple coatings required with traditional paint.

The ceramic microspheres that compose our acrylic urethane paint protect your home from a variety of issues that normally wear down latex paint and enhance your exterior in Atlanta.

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Acrylic Urethane Exterior Paint Coating Services

Extensive Testing

We back our exterior paint protection coating’s 25-year warranty with numerous tests that confirm its reliability. Rhino Shield’s acrylic urethane paint has been tested by the highly respected, independent BASF chemical company. They confirmed its strength, flexibility, breathability, and resistance. If you’d like to learn more, check out BASF’s entire report. After rigorous testing and 20 years of experiencing what our protective paint coating can do firsthand, our painters believe in the dependability Rhino Shield delivers to Georgia.

Benefits of Acrylic Exterior Paint

The 25-year staying power isn’t the only thing that will impress you with our exterior paint protective coating. It consists of multiple layers that seal your home from damaging agents like water, mildew, and mold. The different resins bond together to also block out certain levels of noise outside your Atlanta property, provide fire resistance, and reflect UV rays. Since it lasts about 15 years longer than traditional paint, your exterior benefits from Rhino Shield five times more than with other paint options.

Paint Coating That Beats Traditional Paint in Atlanta

When it comes down to it, our acrylic exterior paint beats the life span and performance of latex paint to provide a more convenient solution for your property. Our paint protection coating consists of ceramic microspheres that fit together closer than the irregular fillers commonly found in conventional paint making it thicker to resist Atlanta’s elements. The ceramic nanotechnology gives our exterior coating a rubber-like membrane that goes with your walls’ natural movement, without cracking or chipping its protective barrier.

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