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CDC Guidelines & What We're Doing About Coronavirus

Things have changed drastically in the world over the last several months, and they continue to change daily. We’re facing unprecedented times in every aspect of life, but our main concern has always been and will always be the safety and health of our employees and clients. Without our health, we have nothing! So we’re doing everything we can to protect those around us while continuing to operate as a small business. And luckily, it’s been pretty easy! Below is a list of steps we’re taking, in accordance with CDC guidelines,to ensure everyone remains as healthy as possible during this scary and uncertain time.

  1. If our employees are experiencing symptoms, even mild ones, we’re instructing them to stay home.
  2. If clients are experiencing symptoms, even mild ones, we’re asking them to inform us via phone or email to reschedule for a later date.
  3. We are instructing crews not to enter a client’s home for any reason.
  4. We’re ensuring crews keep a minimum of six feet distance from clients at any given time, in accordance with social distancing guidelines from the CDC.
  5. We are keeping our crew sizes small. For large projects, there will be no more than six workers present at a time. Smaller jobs may only have two or three.
  6. We’re instructing our employees to cover all sneezes and coughs with a tissue or the inside of their elbow.
  7. We’re reminding employees to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds every 20-30 minutes. If they are unable to do so, we ask that they use hand sanitizer as an alternative.
  8. We are sanitizing our kits before visiting job sites and prior to leaving.
  9. We are recommending everyone wear cloth masks while out in public to protect others in the case that someone may be infected and asymptomatic.
  10. We ask that everyone stay up to date on the CDC guidelines. This is the easiest, and most factual information you can find.

If at all possible, we’re asking that you stay home! We want everyone staying healthy and safe. The best way to do that, is to stay away from others. We know that is no easy task, but we’re all in this together! Use this time to slow down, and focus on those around you in your home. Enjoy the little things, because really, that’s all we can do right now.

See Our BBB Reviews!