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How to Choose Exterior Paint for Your Home

Painting your home is a fabulous way to give it a visual update or improve the curb appeal. However, when you pick a paint contractor they can help you select the best and most appropriate exterior paint or coating system for the outside of your home.

Look for the following features:

  1. Repels Water – Exterior paint needs to be a lot more resistant than paint you use on the inside of your home. In particular, it needs to be able to resist water both from rain and from washing the house. Ideally, when water hits the surface of your paint, it should bead up. If the paint has a high absorption rate, that can damage the wood siding underneath it.
  2. Inhibits the Growth of Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria – In that same vein, you want to ensure that any water that hits the home does not lead to any other issues. In particular, you want to ensure that the paint inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi. Those items can become an eyesore and if left unchecked could lead to health issues.
  3. Allows the Wood to Breathe – Although you want the exterior paint to keep the wood safe from mildew and mold, you still want the wood to be able to breathe. Ventilation is critical if you want the exterior of your home to last as long as possible. Request a Free Estimate Today!
  4.  Resists Fading – Additionally, quality exterior paint must resist fading. Sitting in the sun day after day, your home gets exposed to a lot of UV rays. Most fabrics, most interior paints, standard latex exterior paint, carpet, and other items can easily succumb to the pressure of UV rays and fade. Quality paint for the outside of your home should always resist fading so that it looks as good in a year or two down the line as it does the day you paint it.
  5. Doesn’t Chip, Crack, or Peel – Of course, you also need paint that can bond to your home. To that end, the paint you choose should resist chipping, cracking, and peeling. If possible, you should look for data on elongation and aging studies to see how it stands the test of time. Painting your home is a time and money investment, and you deserve something that lasts.
  6. Resists Fires – Home fires are unfortunately not that uncommon. Although most fires start inside, some fires start from the outside. That happens in areas near forests, when nearby structures are on fire, or if a power line sparks the fire. In those cases, you want an exterior coating system with a strong Class A rating.
  7. Comes With a Warranty – To safeguard your investment, you may also want a product that comes with a warranty. That way if anything goes wrong, the paint company can replace the paint. Depending on the warranty, the labor may also be covered.While you may find it difficult to find an exterior paint that meets all these criteria, Rhino Shield ticks all these boxes. This innovative solution to painting your home’s exterior comes in an unlimited number of colors. It also boasts a 25 year warranty and looks like fresh paint long after application. To learn more, check out the process or call us today.

See Our BBB Reviews!