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Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters play an essential role in the upkeep of your home, but before they can do their job, you need to do yours!Rain gutters are positioned to extend beyond the edges of a roof to collect both rain and hail runoff. They are usually located on every side of the home and are attached to  downspouts that carry water to the ground, keeping it away from the sides of the house. However, it’s important that your gutters be inspected often to make sure they’re working properly. There are several signs that gutters either need to be cleaned or replaced.First and foremost, keep an eye out for water stains. This is a tell tale sign that gutters need cleaning. Wood damage is another give away, along with a black color in between the edges and around the seams of your gutters.If you find yellow stains along your home’s soffits, this can indicate gutter or roof leaks and should be addressed immediately to prevent flooding and water damage.Always make sure that your gutters are free of leaves, as well as trees. Keeping trees and other hedges trimmed away from the house is essential in keeping your gutters working properly. If you find that trees are somehow growing out of your gutters, gutter guards and leaf guards can help! Always remember, hand washing or pressure washing is the best way to keep gutters clean, clear, and functioning properly.

Keep your gutters clean, because when they feel loved, so does your home! There are several gutter professionals in and around the Atlanta area as well including: Trusted Gutter Solutions, LLCPro Gutter Roof Siding, Buddy Allen Roofing & Construction, J&M Seamless Gutters, Morales Gutters, LLC 404 Gutters, LLC For more information give Rhino Shield a call at (678) 205-4500. We’ll be happy to help!

See Our BBB Reviews!