How to Make Sure Your House Exterior Paint Lasts for Years

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Normally, your home’s exterior should be painted every three to six years, but there are things you can do to stretch that time a bit while also keeping your home beautiful and protecting it at the same time. In particular, check out Rhino Shield house exterior paint. It’s guaranteed for up to 25 years, and the following tips can ensure that your exterior paint lasts for as long as possible.

Stay on Top of Damage

If you notice rotting, water damage, or other issues between repaintings, it is imperative to fix them as soon as possible. Wind, rain, and hail can cause wood damage which in turn can cause rot, splinters, and cracks. By repairing or replacing damaged wood as it happens, you can help keep your exterior paint in place and even ensure repainting goes easier when the time comes.

Also, remember that moisture in the home is your enemy. A leaky roof or damp basement will cause problems with your exterior paint. It is always best to fix leaks as soon as you notice them, before they cause paint to peel, mold, or bubble. Additionally, make sure you choose a moisture-resistant house exterior paint such as Rhino Shield.


Keep It Clean

Dirt, mildew, mold, moss, and debris shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate on your home. A dirty house has little curb appeal, plus it can damage the exterior paint if left alone. Keeping the outside of your home clean with an annual washing with an anti-mildew solution will not only protect your home, it will extend the life of your house exterior paint, too.


Prep, Prepare, and Paint Properly

Of course, using high-quality paints and finishes will go a long way to protecting the outside of your home. However, there is prep work to do even before you get out the paint brushes. Ideally, you should wash the home, replace and repair wood as needed, sandpaper rough areas, and fill in gaps or cracks. That prep work goes a long way to ensuring your house exterior paint adheres properly.


Look for the Right Additives

Rather than just using traditional house exterior paint, look for something with additives. For instance, Rhino Shield comes with an additives already mixed in. This exterior house paint is actually ceramic based, and it provides insulating value, UV-reflective properties, soundproofing elements, and an anti-mold and algae design.


Paint Carefully

Finally, here are just a couple more tips for painting your home. Start at the top and work down. Do siding before trim. Keep a wet edge to avoid leaving lap marks. Don’t begin painting if rain is expected within six hours after painting. When you hire exterior painting contractors from Rhino Shield Georgia, you can rest assured that all of these tips and tricks will be followed.


To get the best looking house exterior paint in the exact color you want, you need Rhino Shield. At Rhino Shield, we provide an innovative, long lasting solution to exterior paint issues for people and businesses in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. To learn more or get a quote, contact us today.

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