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Small Business Saturday

Tis’ the season of holiday parties, pretty lights, endless amounts of delicious food, and shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. Weather it’s for decorations, Secret Santa, or gifts for family and friends, it seems like the lists are never ending. Black Friday is just a mere nine days away, but it marks the start of what feels like a mad dash for all things gift related. And the deals start earlier and earlier with each passing year! We might as well call it Black Thursday, am I right? It’s nonsense. Here at Rhino Shield, we value time with family, and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

It’s a day meant to be spent with family, to be enjoyed with the ones we love, to count our blessings. What it’s not for is rushing out to hit someone upside the head because they got to the last $100 ninety inch television at Walmart faster than you did! That’s why our favorite shopping day, besides Cyber Monday, is Small Business Saturday. It’s a day to not only rack up on awesome deals, but to support local businesses, artists, and communities that have so much to offer.

According to The Balance, “The goal of Small Business Saturday is to remind consumers that they play a key role in helping the small businesses in their community thrive, and encourage them to get out and shop and dine at local businesses.” Now, more than ever, we’re seeing the importance of shopping small. And more and more small businesses have begun popping up in cities all across the United States. Local restaurants, gift shops, Etsy stores, gyms, marketplaces, and more are thriving! Unique is in, and we never want that to end. This year, Small Business Saturday is November 30th and we’re encouraging all of our customers to get out there and shop small!

Small Business Saturday was started in 2010 by American Express. Ironic, isn’t it? But regardless of its founders, we believe shopping small is the best way to shop. And apparently so do 104 million other Americans who participated in 2018.  And when you do, you don’t have to give the big business of American Express your money. Or you can. Either way, shopping small helps your local businesses, as well as your community, and that’s really all that matters.

The culture of a city is defined by its local businesses. It’s what makes a city unique. It’s what sets it apart from surrounding cities. Weather it’s a delicious restaurant, or a cute boutique, small businesses are the ones that enrich and define their local communities. And guess what, Rhino Shield is small! Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is the ONLY Rhino Shield Rep in Georgia, serving surrounding areas, including Tennessee, and South Carolina. As the only dealer in the area, our painters have 16 years of unprecedented experience and specialize in residential, commercial, and church painting. We expertly apply our ceramic paint coating as well as handle all of your other traditional painting, wood repairs, and deck painting or staining needs. Our house painting services also include the removal of lead paint.

If you’re looking to lighten the load of someone you love this holiday season, search no further! We have the perfect gift for you. Give us a call, or head over to our home page for an estimate. And don’t forget to support your local small business on November 30th! They’re counting on you.

See Our BBB Reviews!