Exterior Paint & Coating Contractor

Exterior Paint & Coating Contractor

At Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings, exteriors are where we excel. Our painting contractors specialize in applying gorgeous, durable coating to the outside of homes. We use a low maintenance, high build formula that lasts 15 years longer than latex paint in Atlanta. As a full-service company, our exterior painting contractors offer highly skilled painting and are prepared to tackle any repairs and traditional painting you also require so your home can stand out. Have the exterior of your dreams for 25 years when you use our exterior house painters in Atlanta.

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Exterioir painting and Coating Contractor

Eco-Friendly Ceramic Exterior House Paint

Our protective paint isn’t just long-lasting, it also has numerous benefits for Atlanta houses. Rhino Shield was created with its impact on your home and the environment in mind. It has a low odor that’s non-toxic, meaning our coating solutions are safe for everyone who meets your exterior. Because our painting contractors apply Rhino Shield considerably less than traditional paint, manufacturing and transportation pollution is reduced. The low thermal conductivity of our ceramic formula insulates homes and reflects UV rays to help control temperature and save on energy consumption for cooling.

Experienced Exterior Painting Contractor

For the past 20+ years, our exterior painters have cared for homes. We believe in outstanding results that can survive the test of time. That’s why we bring comprehensive experience and a driven ethic to every exterior we work on in Atlanta. While our exterior painters trust in our protective coating, we understand that it may not be right for everyone, that’s why we offer traditional painting so you can still receive exceptional service for your exterior. We can also revive your deck with painting or stain and seal your roof for extra protection. Whatever your exterior needs, we’re here to assist.

Long Term Results

While exterior paint needs to be redone every three to five years, Rhino Shield comes with a 25-year transferable warranty to have your home looking great for longer. Our coating repels algae, mold, and mildew, making it easier to clean your exterior with less breakdown of materials. Your home’s exterior is guarded from water and salt air corrosion with our ceramic exterior house paint’s multi-layered resistance additives. All of this adds up to 25 years of protection when you choose our exterior house painters.

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