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Savannah & Hilton HeadRhino Shield Ceramic Paint Protects Your Coastal Home for 25 Years

Living in a coastal environment means your home or business is subjected to harsh and often damaging weather elements like salt air, corrosion, and hurricanes. Whether you’d like to be proactive in protecting your home or business or you are dealing with damage that has already occurred, Georgia Coatings is here to offer a long-term solution to safe guard your home.

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Rhino Shield exterior paint offers 25 years of protection for your home or business. With typical exterior paint, moisture can penetrate the paint film and get behind it and cause the wood to swell, leaving blisters, cracking, or peeling. Rhino Shield exterior paint bonds completely to the surface of your home, so you don't have to worry about peeling and repainting. You can see our incredible paint at work on HGTV!

Rhino Shield Has Proudly Served the Hilton Head/Savannah Area for 15 Years   

For the past 15 years, Rhino Shield has provided Savannah and Hilton Head area residents with resistance and repair services for homes and buildings with coastal weather damage and wear. Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint offers a protective coating for all unique, coastal weather conditions. After twenty-five years of being in the salt air, hot sunshine, and hurricane like winds, Rhino Shield exterior will keep a house looking as fresh as it did on day one. With Rhino Shield, your coastal home will maintain its fresh, natural look. Although Rhino Shield exterior paint bonds completely to your home's surface, it also allows the wood to breathe which is how it prevents chipping, cracking, and peeling common with other paints. Rhino Shield also comes in unlimited colors. So even if your coastal home came in a fun, bright color, we can match it!

 Georgia Coatings products and services have been designed for coastlines and offer salt-air and corrosion resistance for homes and buildings. Rhino Shield also meets federal Miami-Dade Wind-Driven Rain Specification and has been tested to withstand up to 95mph hurricane-force winds.

Georgia Coatings is also a full-service painting and carpentry company, offering Brunswick, Savannah and Hilton Head area residents and businesses with professional services such as sealing decks, interior and exterior painting, fencing installation and repair, and much more.

If your home or business is covered with stucco siding, Rhino Shield offers protection against present or future cracks and water intrusions. Rhino Shield is also guaranteed not to crack on stucco.

At Georgia Coatings, we are committed to providing long-term protection for your whole home. With knowledge of local building practices and designs, Rhino Shield is here to help you protect your home or business and save you money in the long run.

Owning a coastal home takes a lot of work but is worth the reward. After all the effort you put into your coastal home, you deserve an exterior paint that works as hard as you do. Preserve your home’s outward appearance for twenty five years with Rhino Shield. Contact your local Rhino Shield specialist today to find out what services they offer: 912-335-6600 or 843-476-4877.

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