Testing Results

Testing Results (DFC Finish Coat)

Rhino Shield has done extensive testing on our products to show you just how great they really are. Learn more about Rhino Shield coatings by giving us a call and talking to one of our representatives.

TestASTM#ResultASTM Laboratory
Solar Reflective IndexE 1980106Atlas Labs
Fire Rating (flame spread)E 84-21a5Commercial Testing Company
Smoke Developed IndexE 84-21b0Commercial Testing Company
ElongationD 2370499%DMC
PermeanceD 1653 B13.16 US perms2 lab average
Tensile StrengthD 2370178 lb/in2DMC
Algae Growth/3 SpeciesD 5590-17No GrowthMicro Star Labs
MildewD 5590-17No GrowthMicro Star Labs
Tear ResistanceD 47111.9 lbsBASF
R Value EquivalentFt2 • °F • h6.89PE no 64095
After Accelerated Weathering Chamber:
Cracking and CheckingVisualNone/NilBASF
ElongationD 2370  
Tensile StrengthD 2370 

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