Water & Fire Resistant Painting Contractor

Fire and water are some of the biggest threats to Atlanta properties. Whether these elements are isolated or attacking for every angle, get protection for your exterior with our water- and fire-resistant coating solutions at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings. The revolutionary membrane of Rhino Shield seals homes, making it far more resistant to fire and water than traditional paint while remaining low maintenance.

Our painting contractors can limit the effects of fire and water on your home for up to 25 years, so you spend less time worrying about your exterior paint and more time enjoying it.

Water and Fire Resistant Painting Contractor

Trust In Our Fire Resistant Paint

Don’t discover conventional paint’s inability to properly guard your exterior the hard way. We’ve had our fire-resistant paint tested with the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) that uses criteria from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to determine its durability. They awarded us with a class A fire and smoke rating which means the protective paint we use helps reduce the time and distance a fire spreads and the resulting damage.

All-Around Water Protection in Atlanta

Atlanta homes are susceptible to all kinds of water damage that can weaken your exterior over time. Water can slip past latex paint and cause blistering and peeling while exposing your home to further damage from moisture. Our water-resistant paint secures your exterior with multiple layers designed to protect against penetration. Wind and rain from severe storms hammer less effective paint and can lead to expensive repairs. With our protective coating, your home is safe from the Atlanta storms.

Atlanta’s Superior Painting Contractor

Since we began at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings, we thrived off providing quality fire- and water-resistant paint options applied using our detail orientated process. With us, you get complete help for your property’s exterior to protect everything from your roof down to your deck. Our contractors are professionals with over 16 years of experience, so you get the protective paint coating you want without the mistakes that are typical with inexperienced painters. For the comprehensive breakdown of our coatings’ rating and testing, read the full reports.

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