Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings can save you time and money and is a valuable long-term investment in your property. It is durable, long-lasting and beautiful. The technology of our elastomeric acrylic resins combined with urethane resins has been rigorously tested, both by us and independently by BASF. It spent a long time in development and has now performed well on homes since 2000. That is why we have the confidence to put our product head-to-head with latex paint or vinyl siding.

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Rhino Shield Cost Analysis

Financial Pitfalls of Latex Paint in Atlanta, GA

A house needs to be painted every three to five years unless it has Masonite or LP siding, then it should be done every three years. It is a constant battle to wait until the exterior of your house looks so bad that it warrants a repaint. Then there is the process of finding a painter and taking bids. Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings offers a fully transferable 25-year warranty, lasting the duration of five to nine regular paint jobs.

In Atlanta, Vinyl Siding Falls Short

Vinyl is PVC, the manufacturing and disposal of which may cause cancer. Vinyl is less durable than wood or masonry in extreme weather, as wind can get underneath it and remove sheets. It offers no energy conservation, and though it resembles wood, it diminishes the value of historic homes. Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is durable and can’t separate from the house. It has insulative properties and takes on the textures of the object it is coating. When you factor in maintenance costs, Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings is far cheaper than vinyl siding in the long run.

Why Rhino Shield is Superior

Rhino Shield is better than anything else on the market. It isn’t paint. It is a ceramic elastomeric coating that is 100% acrylic, waterborne, and boasts a high-build formula that resists water penetration, keeps some noise out, repels UV rays, and helps fight mold and mildew. It is designed to protect your home from the harsh external elements of Atlanta. It will save you time and money and prove to be a valuable investment in the protection of your building.

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