Benefits of Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings for Brick Homes

Benefits of Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings for Brick Homes

Benefits of Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings for Brick Homes

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Your home is more than a building, it’s a reflection of your style and a shield protecting you from the elements. Ensuring it remains strong, beautiful, and vibrant is crucial. For brick homes, exterior paint is a major factor in maintaining aesthetics and integrity. But not all paints are created equal. Enter Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings, your ultimate solution for painting brick.

Brick homes have a unique charm, but painting them can be challenging. Traditional paint has its downsides, and that’s where Rhino Shield’s elastomeric coatings come in, promising long-lasting beauty and resilience.

What Are Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings?

Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings are an innovative solution that combines aesthetics, durability, and efficiency into one brilliant product. This special ceramic coating is engineered to bond powerfully with brick and provide long-lasting protection.

Unlike conventional paint, which can flake and peel over time, Rhino Shield is applied 8 to 10 times thicker. This high-solids coating, formulated with ceramic microspheres, ensures your brick exterior withstands the test of time.

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Benefits of Painting Your Brick Home With Rhino Shield

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Choosing to paint your brick home with Rhino Shield is more than just a design decision—it’s a long-term investment in your home’s durability and appeal. Here’s why:

Beautify Old Brick

Rhino Shield breathes new life into your old brick. With a wide range of colors, it lets you refresh your home’s look without sacrificing its brick appeal. Rhino Shield doesn’t just add color—it enhances longevity by sealing the mortar from the elements. This keeps the brick cleaner and extends its life. 

Permeability of Rhino Shield

Have you ever heard of ‘permeability’ in the context of paint? It’s crucial. Permeability refers to a material’s ability to let moisture escape. And that’s precisely what Rhino Shield offers: a highly permeable coating.

Rhino Shield’s high permeability rating provides optimal moisture protection, yet it doesn’t lock it all in—the substrate can still breathe. This balance of durability and breathability sets Rhino Shield apart from traditional paint. Rhino Shield’s advanced formula ensures you won’t have to worry about your home’s exterior blistering or peeling, guaranteed for 25 years.

Rhino Shield’s Bio Growth Prevention

A common concern for homeowners is the bio growth—mildew, algae, etc.—on the exterior. Rhino Shield resolves this by preventing bio growth altogether, protecting your home from these unsightly invaders. The special resin layers in Rhino Shield offer bio-resistance far beyond what brick can do alone. This integrated protection comes from a 4-part EPA-approved formula, making it highly effective against mildew, algae, and fungus. 

Here’s what AmCoat’s Director of Product Applications, Mike Moore, says about Rhino Shield and bio growth: “Rhino Shield’s bio resistance comes from a 4-part formula that’s EPA approved and highly effective. Rhino Shield has dynamic integrated protection against mildew, algae, and fungus — all of which can impact brick. Pair that with a time-tested, long-lasting coating, and you can see why there is such high demand for our product.”

25-Year Transferrable Warranty

With Rhino Shield, you get peace of mind. Rhino Shield’s coating will not crack, chip, warp, or peel, whether applied to brick or any other surface type. It comes with a 25-year transferable warranty, protecting your home against various weather conditions. What’s more, if you decide to sell your home, the warranty transfers to the new owners, adding value to your property.

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Rhino Shield elastomeric coatings offer many benefits for brick homes, from beautifying old brick and enhancing permeability to preventing bio growth and offering an impressive 25-year warranty. It’s not just paint—it’s a protective shield for your home.

To explore how Rhino Shield can benefit your home, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation. We’re here to answer any questions and look forward to helping you protect and beautify your home.

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FAQ About Rhino Shield And Brick Exterior

Is Rhino Shield breathable?

Yes, Rhino Shield is breathable. One of the unique features of Rhino Shield is its high permeability, which allows moisture vapor to escape from the exterior surface, preventing the build-up of condensation and associated problems like mold and mildew.

Can Rhino Shield be used on Brick?

Absolutely! Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings were designed to powerfully bond with brick exteriors. The high-tech ceramic coating creates a strong, protective layer that ensures long-lasting protection for your home. Contact Rhino Shield for more information.

What is the best way to cover exterior brick?

The best way to cover exterior brick is with Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coatings. Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield is applied 8 to 10 times thicker, providing an unbeatable layer of protection. Plus, its high permeability means it provides top-notch moisture protection while still allowing your brick to breathe. Book a free consultation today!

What is the best paint for exterior brick?

The best “paint” for exterior brick is actually Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coating. It’s more durable than traditional paint and is designed to enhance the beauty of your brick home while providing optimal protection. It actively works to extend the life of your brick and mortar by sealing it from the elements. Plus, it’s backed by a 25-year transferrable warranty! Ready to transform your home? Reach out to Rhino Shield now.