Can I Use Rhino Shield At My Beach House Or Lake House

What Are The Challenges of Living By the Water?

Living by a lake or the coast offers stunning views and a tranquil lifestyle but also presents specific challenges for homeowners. The humid subtropical climate can be extremely tough on the exterior of properties, causing paint to peel, crack, and deteriorate more rapidly than in other areas. Additionally, the salty sea breeze, while refreshing, can speed up corrosion and damage the paintwork unless protected by high-quality coastal paint.

Coastal homes and beach houses are also frequently exposed to strong winds and storms, which can further erode the exterior paint, making it look old and weathered quickly. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the best exterior paint that can withstand these environmental challenges to protect your home effectively.

Selecting the appropriate paint for your waterfront property is critical to preserving its appearance over time. This article will explain why Rhino Shield is the ideal paint choice for your coastal home.

Why Is Rhino Shield The Best Paint For Lake Houses, Coastal Homes and Beach Houses?

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings offers a reliable solution, providing both enhanced aesthetic appeal and durable protection against the harsh coastal climate. Specializing in the best paint for beach homes and waterfront properties, Rhino Shield ensures your peace of mind by protecting your investment from the test of time and weather.

1. Salt Tolerance – Rhino Shield is the most salt-tolerant coating available, which is crucial in coastal areas. Testing shows it surpasses the industry standard, Rustoleum, placing it in the top category for salt tolerance.

2. Resists Fading – The intense sun in coastal regions can cause exterior paint to fade quickly. Rhino Shield incorporates UV protection in its colorants, ensuring your home retains its vibrant color for years, even under the relentless sun typical of beach houses.

3. Helps Repel Water – Rhino Shield meets the stringent Miami/Dade wind-driven rain specification, offering essential protection for coastal homes against strong storms, thereby safeguarding your beach house from potential water damage.

4. Resists Algae & Mildew – Due to high humidity levels, coastal homes are more prone to algae and mildew. Rhino Shield’s exterior paint includes additives that provide superior resistance to algae and mildew, preventing damage that could lead to costly repairs.

5. Allows Wood To Breathe – Rhino Shield bonds completely while allowing the wood of your coastal home to breathe. This prevents common issues like chipping, cracking, and peeling, ensuring a fresh and appealing exterior that withstands coastal conditions.

6. BASF Tested – Rhino Shield undergoes rigorous testing by top laboratories, including BASF, ensuring its performance in challenging coastal conditions. This constant testing guarantees the product’s quality and effectiveness in protecting beach homes from aging and environmental damage.

7. Class “A” Fire Rating – Rhino Shield provides a Class “A” fire and smoke rating, potentially qualifying coastal homeowners for insurance discounts, adding an extra layer of safety and financial benefit to your investment.

8. Won’t Crack, Chip, Warp, or Peel – Coastal properties often suffer from humidity and salt’s adverse effects, leading to chipping, cracking, and peeling of conventional paints. Rhino Shield resists these challenges, offering waterproofing and bonding capabilities that maintain a fresh appearance.

9. Can Help Reduce Energy Costs – In warm coastal climates, energy costs can be high. Rhino Shield’s LOW E coating provides excellent insulation, potentially reducing energy bills, a significant benefit for homeowners in hot areas.

10. Bonds Completely – Unlike typical paint, Rhino Shield bonds entirely to your home’s surface, preventing moisture penetration that can cause wood swelling and paint deterioration, offering unmatched protection against coastal weather.

11. Save On Repainting Every 3 – 5 Years – Coastal homes face significant wear and tear from harsh environmental elements. Rhino Shield provides a lasting solution, ensuring a vibrant facade for 25 years and saving you from frequent repainting.

12. Fully-Transferable 25-Year Warranty – Protect your investment with Rhino Shield’s 25-year warranty, transferable to new homeowners, enhancing the resale value of your coastal property. This warranty reflects the product’s quality and durability, offering peace of mind and financial security for coastal homeowners.

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