Eco-Friendly Products For Your Home

Eco-Friendly Products For Your Home

Over the last several years, society has started putting the health and safety of the environment at the top of it’s priority list. There are tens of thousands of factors that contribute to the sustainability of the environment, and ultimately the health and wellness of all mankind. You can make a difference, and so can the products you use!

At Rhino Shield, one of our top priorities is creating eco-friendly products. We’re proud to share that our products feature several different green features including low VOC (less than 100 grams per liter) and non-toxicity. They are safe for skin contact and approved for solid waste landfill disposable. Our products are nonflammable and resist both the growth of mold and mildew. Our low-e feature reduces thermal conductivity to insulate buildings and our low odor products do not pose an inhalation hazard. Most excitingly, we are proudly a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition. Rhino Shield believes companies should promote environmental consciousness and long-term sustainability, and our products are created with that in mind!

There are several other companies and products out there that also put the environment at the top of their importance list. By using these products, you can help reduce damage to our Earth and keep the planet clean, and functioning at the best of its ability.

Pinewood Forest

If you’re looking to build or buy in the small Atlanta suburb of Fayetteville, we highly recommend looking into Pinewood Forest. They have their Green Building Certification and are 100% geothermal. All homes are also pre-wired for electric vehicle charging. The amenities are endless and the community is both unique and eco-friendly.

Smart Strand Forever Clean by Mohawk

SmartStrand® is partially made with renewable plant-based materials and is OEKO-TEX® certified free from harmful substances which is incredibly important not only for the environment, but for your health as well. Not only is this product eco-friendly, its nanotechnology provides your home’s carpet with permanent protection from stains! It’s perfect for those with pets, kids, and even clumsy adults.

Marvin Infinity Window

If your windows are damaged, have moisture issues, or just aren’t working properly, Marvin’s has an eco-friendly sustainable product to help. Their windows, which come in both inserts and full frame replacements, are energy efficient and use Ultrex. Ultrex is a high performance fiberglass what is proven for sustainability.

Hardi Plank Siding

Hardi Plank siding, although more expensive than alternative sidings, is safe, durable, and long-lasting siding that resists outdoor elements and reduces replacement waste. It’s also made from natural and recycled materials which is a huge win for the environment!

It’s important that we put the environment first when creating products, and here at Rhino Shield, that will always be at the top of our priority list. Because if we take care of our environment, the environment will take care of us!

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