Extend Your Home’s Natural Beauty with Clear Acrylic Sealer

Extend Your Home’s Natural Beauty with Clear Acrylic Sealer

Log homes, decks, wooden rails, and even metal, brick, or stone need to be protected from harsh outdoor elements and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Yet you don’t want to take anything away from the innate beauty of natural components. A clear acrylic sealer is an excellent option to protect your home while still letting its allure shine through. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your home and how to choose the right clear acrylic sealer for the job.

Why Use a Sealer?

Sealing a deck or a log home can be a lot of work. You may be wondering if it’s worth the time and money and the answer in most cases is a resounding, “Yes!” Without a sealer, certain types of wood can rot over time. They can also fade and splinter, making new wood look old, worn out, and in need of replacement before even a few years have passed since the original installation. Sealers keep moisture and UV rays out, keeping your wood in great shape with little to no effort.Sealing metal is crucial since when exposed to rain and snow, it’s susceptible to rust. Although some rust can be cleaned off, it almost always leaves behind damage to the underlying structure. When you use a clear coat to seal your metal, you reduce the chances it will rust and need to be replaced prematurely.Other components, like stone and brick, are hardier when it comes to weather, but they can still become dirty and worn looking over time. The sun can fade certain colors, giving your home a run-down look. Clear acrylic sealer helps keep your stone and brick looking like new for longer.

Choosing the Right Clear Acrylic Sealer for Your Project

Not all sealers are created equal. To keep costs down, some people opt for sealers available at home improvement or hardware stores. While these sealers can be excellent when used for indoor furniture like dressers or tables, they often lack the ability to really withstand bad weather. Professional sealers, on the other hand, are thick, viscous, and made to last. Rhino Shield PROTECT is the toughest clear acrylic sealer on the market today — designed to keep your home looking great year after year.Additionally, applying a sealer yourself can be time-consuming and challenging. It’s easy to miss a spot when working with large areas or to accidentally scuff an area while the sealer is setting. To avoid any mishaps, consider working with a professional company that can help you get your decks, log home, metal, stone, or brick looking great with minimal effort on your part.

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