Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

With Spring in the air, and summer right around the corner every one is out and about freshening up the outside of their homes. New patio furniture, fresh flowers, and cute little string lights fill the air. Not only is this a great time to clean up your landscaping and update your outdoor space, it’s the perfect time to give your siding the pick-me-up it so desperately needs. But where do you start? We know picking out paint colors can be overwhelming to say the least. Walking into a paint store can make the most sane person, lose their absolute mind. Who knew that there were 1,000 shades of white?!? Or that the certain shade of grey you thought you liked, actually looks blue on your house?!

We’re here to give you some inspiration, along with helpful hints to use when deciding what colors to paint the exterior of your home.  

  1. Quality Matters- Yes, the better the paint (or coating), the more it’s going to cost. But it’s worth the investment. You want your home to remain looking its best for as long as possible, which is why Rhino Shield’s exterior coating is the absolute greatest. It stays fresh for TWENTY FIVE YEARS! How crazy is that?
  2. Experiment- Rhino Shield has an awesome color visualizer tool on our website that helps you get an idea of what your home will look like after being coated. It’s also a great way to try out different colors and see what options you may like best.
  3. Try It Out- Home Depot offers sample sizes! So go get a few and paint a large area in different locations on the exterior of your home. This will help you see what colors actually look like outside of the store, and on the exterior of your home.
  4. We LOVE Neutral Tones. Whites, creams, and taupes will never go out of style. And because they’re bright and airy, it’s hard to get sick of them. If you enjoy a splash of color, paint your front door something fun and bright. Yellow, blue, and red are some of our favs and if you get sick of them, it’s easy to fix.
  5. Don’t Forget the Trim- White is pretty standard, but don’t be scared to try a different color. White and cream color homes look awesome with darker trim. It gives it an extra pop, and is in keeping with current trends.

Below are some of our favorite color schemes (based off of Sherwin Williams Paint Samples), and don’t forget to head of to our Pinterest account for more exterior inspiration! You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a neutral color palette, we have the perfect combination for you! Creamy is the PERFECT blend of white and cream, making for a rich exterior that you’re sure to swoon over. Use Divine White for the trim, and add a beautiful splash of color on the front door with Seaworthy, or stain it a beautiful cedar color to stay in keeping with your neutral look! If you’re more into colors with green undertones, we recommend Egret White for your siding with trim done in Gateway Gray. Thunder Gray is perfect for a front door, and Tricorn Black is our our favorite for window trim. If you like grays that lean towards blue, we recommend Alpaca as a base or trim, Mount Etna for your siding, and Earl Grey for your front door and shutters. Remember, Rhino Shield does color matching, and you won’t be able to get the quality or 25 year warranty anywhere else! We look forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Painting!

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