Outdoor Refresh Inspiration For Your Home

Outdoor Refresh Inspiration For Your Home

It’s FINALLY looking and feeling like Spring in Georgia. We’re hoping the same for everyone around the country, especially in our South East regions of Tennessee and South Carolina. Now is the perfect time to get outdoors and focus on tidying up your yard and patio areas for all the outdoor cookouts that are sure to happen over the next few months.

It’s important to remember the essentials, so we’ve put together a list for all of you who are having a hard time figuring out where to start.

Front Yard

  1. Power Wash-A little bit goes a long way! Making sure your retaining walls are cleaned off and sprayed down, makes a huge difference.
  2. Aerate- Bermuda grass and tall fescue are two of the most common types of grass in Georgia. But the two are polar opposites.
  3. Bermuda- Bermuda grass is a perennial grass that thrives in heat. It comes back every year and grows rapidly from late Spring through the hot Summer months. Bermuda dies in the winter, but requires little maintenance during the hot Summer. The best time to aerate Bermuda is late Spring, or early Summer.
  4. Tall Fescue- Tall fescue is a cool season grass that also comes back year after year. Because it does best in cooler seasons, it’s important to make sure your grass is watered daily throughout late Spring and Summer to keep it thriving. Now is the best time to get out and aerate your yard with tall fescue. So don’t delay!
  5. Seed- Once your yard is aerated, it’s time to lay the seed. And don’t be shy! This is when a lot goes a long way. Fertilize, and water for best results.
  6. Lay Fresh Mulch- Mulch is cleaner than pine straw and also makes it harder for creatures like chipmunks and snakes to burrow or nest underneath.
  7. Remove and Replace Dead Bushes- Not all plants are perennials. It’s important to remove any dead plants, bushes, and flowers, replacing them with fresh ones. You know the saying, “out with the old, in with the new!” Add some hanging plants, and decorative potted plants to add color and life to the exterior of your home. We suggest getting annuals for pots, and around the mailbox. All others should be perennials for easy maintenance. (Sidenote: our favorite hanging plants are ferns! They’re easy to maintain and will give your home that Southern feel that we all love so much.)
  8. Speaking of mailboxes, give yours a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint!
  9. Clean Up the Porch- If you have a front porch or even just a landing area, make sure to clean it off. Once the pollen dissipates, give the base a fresh coat of paint. Add a cute doormat, or layer for an extra cute look. Replace your old porch swing, with a fresh one. Add some colorful pillows, and maybe even put out some new house numbers and exterior light fixtures! It’s all in the details!


Back Yard

Let’s venture out back. This is where the real fun begins! But first, here are some essentials:

  1. Repeat Step 1-5 on our Front Yard list.
  2. Provide Necessary Upkeep on Fences- Stain or paint them, and most importantly, make sure they’re clean and free from damage.
  3. Clean Up Fence Lines- Add rock or mulch, along with some fresh bushes or plants to tidy up those fence lines. Add some lights, and you’re all set to go!
  4. Check Your Grill- Make sure everything is functioning properly, and that you have a fresh tank of propane.
  5. Stepping Stones- Clean off, replace, or add stepping stones where needed. This helps protect your precious grass, and adds some much need character. If you’re looking for a real project, add brick pavers. They’re our favorite!

Now for the fun stuff! We LOVE a good outdoor area. Weather it be a patio, or a porch you can make any outdoor living area the perfect hang out spot for dinner gathering or cookouts, birthday parties, or get-togethers!

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space Refresh Inspiration

  1. String Lights- Add string lights, or replace existing bulbs that have died in the lights you already have. String lights are the perfect way to set the mood, and add ambiance for cookouts, or outdoor gatherings.
  2. Patio Furniture- We recommend getting chairs, love seats, sectionals, or sofas. It will make your backyard warm and inviting! If your outdoor area is large enough, include a table as well. These are perfect for outdoor dinner parties. Just don’t forget your citronella candles.
  3. Pillows, Throws, & Outdoor Rugs- Don’t forget to add a splash of color with an accent rug, pillows, and throw blankets. Just make sure they’re either specifically designed to be outdoors, or that you bring them inside when they aren’t in use.
  4. Fire Pits- They aren’t just for fall and winter! Add a fire pit, or build one. Everyone loves a good s’more or two!

We love the warmer weather, and all the newness Spring that brings. We’re currently working on an Outdoor Inspiration Board for Pinterest, and will link it here once it’s finished! Until then, enjoy the sunshine, and get to work folks!  

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