Project Update: LaGrange College’s Historical Columns 13 Years Later

Preserving the historical integrity of buildings while ensuring their longevity is a task that demands both expertise and precision. At Rhino Shield, we’ve honed our craft in this area, and our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence in preserving architectural heritage.

A prime example of our proficiency in this realm dates back to 2011 when we undertook the monumental task of painting columns for LaGrange College. These columns, crafted from a cement stucco combination, stood as not just architectural elements but as symbols of the institution’s rich history and heritage. However, over time, the ravages of weather and age had taken their toll, leaving the once pristine white columns faded and deteriorating.

Our challenge was twofold: not only did we need to revitalize these columns to their former glory, but we also had to ensure that the chosen color seamlessly matched the existing hue, thus preserving the historical authenticity of the structure. This required a meticulous approach and an acute understanding of both the materials used in the columns’ construction and the historical context in which they existed.

Drawing upon our expertise and attention to detail, we embarked on the restoration journey with unwavering determination. Our team of skilled professionals meticulously assessed the condition of the columns, taking into account factors such as texture, composition, and environmental exposure. Through careful analysis, we identified the optimal paint solution that would not only provide durable protection but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the columns.

The selection of the perfect color was a critical aspect of the restoration process. We understood the importance of maintaining continuity with the building’s historical aesthetics while simultaneously revitalizing its appearance. Leveraging our extensive color matching capabilities and a keen eye for detail, we painstakingly selected a hue that seamlessly blended with the existing color palette, ensuring a harmonious integration with the surrounding architectural elements.

Fast forward to the present day, and the results speak for themselves. The columns we painted for LaGrange College back in 2011 still stand as resplendent as ever, defying the passage of time and the elements. Their pristine appearance is a testament to the enduring quality of our craftsmanship and the effectiveness of our preservation efforts.

In essence, our success in preserving historical buildings lies not only in our technical prowess but also in our unwavering commitment to honoring and safeguarding the architectural treasures of the past for generations to come. As custodians of history, we take great pride in our ability to breathe new life into aging structures while preserving their timeless charm and character.

We also applied this process to several other projects including painting at His Hands Church and The King Center. Contact us today for your free quote, and let us help you preserve your building’s beauty.