Protect Your Home From Summer Heat with New Roof Paint

Protect Your Home From Summer Heat with New Roof Paint

With the summer approaching, you’re probably doing all sorts of spring cleaning and yard maintenance to get your home ready for the season, and in addition to your regular to-do list, you might want to consider investing in roof paint. Painting your roof with Rhino Shield offers a host of benefits.

Sun Blocking Benefits of Roof Paint

Your roof is a huge area that is often directly exposed to the sun. Traditionally, a lot of roofs are dark colors, which attracts a lot of sun. As the roof heats up in the sun, a lot of that heat goes into your home. That, of course, increases the temperature in your home, causing your air conditioner to run all the time. Ultimately, that leads to wasted energy and high utility bills.Rhino Shield roof paint helps to disrupt this process. With this roof paint, you can turn your roof a light color, which instantly encourages sunlight to bounce off rather than to get absorbed. On top of that, this paint’s unique formula has sunblock capabilities built in, regardless of the color you choose.

A Variety of Roof Paint Options

When you decide to use Rhino Shield roof paint, you get a variety of options. That makes it easy to meet the unique needs of your home, office, or commercial building. In particular, here are some of the options:

  • Red Iron Oxide for metal roofs
  • Rhino Clear Protective Waterproof Sealer for asphalt roofs
  • Super Shield Roof One Coat

Protection Against Rust

Unfortunately, with metal roofs, rust can be a concern. To protect your roof, you should add a coating of red iron oxide. This waterproof barrier prevents water from getting to the metal and leading to rust.


When you opt for the sealer, this helps to protect your residential roof. Although rust is not an issue in this situation, asphalt shingles can be very hospitable to mold or mildew. The clear coat option is great on asphalt shingles.  You can also use this coating on log cabin metal roofs. The clear coat has a great sheen to hit in solid or clear.

Roof Paint That Insulates

In addition to blocking the sun’s harsh rays and protecting against rust, some roof paints actually insulate your roof. In particular, the Durable Finish Coat fills this role. That can be useful both in the summer and the winter. During the summer, it keeps the heat outside, while in the winter, this roof paint helps to keep the cold out.

Works on Multiple Surfaces

The Super Shield Roof One Coat works on a range of different surfaces including concrete, asphalt, primed metal, and tile. Regular paint doesn’t stick to many of these surfaces, but this roof paint is different. It is made of elastomeric ceramic that can stick to almost anything, and as it seals your roof, it can also work as an alternative to reroofing.To learn more, contact us at Georgia Coatings today. We can help you choose the best roof paint for your home or commercial building. Then, we can apply it and do repairs as needed.

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