Protect Your Home’s Roof with Metal Roof Coating

Protect Your Home’s Roof with Metal Roof Coating

Metal roofs are a sustainable and durable alternative to traditional shingled roofs. They’re naturally weather resistant, can reduce the energy consumption of a home, and can make it easier to heat and cool the home. However, metal roofs also have some caveats. One of the biggest challenges faced by homeowners with a metal roof is leakage, ponding water, scuffing or scratching, and corrosion. Fortunately, these drawbacks can be mitigated with a quality metal roof coating, leaving homeowners with all of the benefits of having a metal roof without as many of the problems.

What is Metal Roof Coating?

Essentially, metal roof coating is a specific type of ceramic coating that goes on like paint but provides superior protection to the substrate underneath. It is not a standalone roofing material but instead is a simple coating that is applied to an existing metal roof. It contains high-quality ceramic particles suspended in an acrylic emulsion and is usually sprayed on versus applied with a brush. Once dry, the roof coating is thin but hard, keeping moisture, heat, dust, dirt, and solid objects from coming into contact with the metal underneath.

Benefits of a Metal Roof Coating

The ceramic coating has many benefits that help reduce or eliminate many of the issues that often come with ownership of a metal roof. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wicking away moisture from the roof and allowing it to drain off, reducing the opportunity for roof leakage, ponding water, and rust or corrosion caused by stagnant water staying on the roof for extended periods of time
  • Reducing conductive and radiative heat to prevent heat penetration, keeping the roof from getting hot and making it easier to cool the home and reducing the home’s overall energy usage during warmer months
  • Protecting the roof from scratches and scuffs caused by birds, twigs and tree branches, and other solid objects that can cause metal roofs to become damaged over time
  • Protecting the roof from fading or sun bleaching by blocking UV rays from reaching the roof’s pigment

Ceramic roof coatings are ideal for all types of metal roofs, including copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, and weathering steel.

How to Choose a Metal Roof Coating

There are a number of ceramic coatings for metal roofs on the market and it can be challenging to compare apples to apples. While it’s important to make sure that whatever coating you choose is within your project budget, you want to also be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality coating that is durable and long-lasting. Cheaper coatings may not be crafted with quality in mind and may crack or peel over time.Choose a coating that can be applied easily and evenly to your metal roof. Ask questions about how the coating performs, what you can expect during and after application and how long the coating is expected to last. Select a coating that meets your project needs from a reputable brand. Rhino Shield SuperShield roof coatings can refresh the appearance of your roof, give it outstanding weather protection, and prevent leaks and fading. Contact Rhino Shield today for more information by calling (678) 205-4500.

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