Rhino Shield is the Best Paint for Brick

Rhino Shield is the Best Paint for Brick

Painting brickwork can be challenging. Standard exterior paints don’t stick well to bricks, and as a result, the paint often ends up flaking or simply not looking that nice. If you want your brickwork to look beautifully painted, you need the best paint for brick, and that’s Rhino Shield. Here’s why.

Ceramic Paint Coating

The reason Rhino Shield is the best paint for brick is because it’s not actually a paint. Instead, it’s an innovative ceramic coating that can bond to brick just as easily as it can stick to other surfaces. When you choose Rhino Shield, you can use this single solution on your entire home including garage doors, wood or vinyl siding, stucco, and of course, brick.

Broad Functionality

Rhino Shield doesn’t just give your bricks a new color. Instead, it offers a number of different functions to your home. It repels water, ideal for areas that have a lot of driving rain or salty ocean air. It also improves the insulation of your brick work, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home, and it has a class “A” fire rating.

25-Year Warranty

The Brick Industry Association recommends repainting brick every three to five years, but when you choose Rhino Shield, you don’t have to repaint at nearly that rate. Instead, Rhino Shield can last for decades. In fact, when you use this best paint for brick, you receive a 25-year warranty. This warranty applies to all surfaces of your home, not just the brickwork, and the paint should look just as good after 20 years as it does on the first day.

Multiple Colors Available

If you go to a hardware store and look for the best paint for brick, you may find just a limited selection. In contrast, with Rhino Shield, you can choose a variety of colors. In fact, you can even customize the exact color you want to ensure that your brickwork perfectly matches your home and the look you’re going for. Because this paint can be applied to any material, you can paint your entire home the same color, regardless of which type of underlying material you’re dealing with.

More Than Just the Best Paint for Brick

When you choose Rhino Shield, you are getting more than just the best paint for brick. You are also getting an extensive application process that safeguards the future condition of your home. In particular, when you hire Rhino Shield of Georgia to paint your brickwork, we work through a 12-step process to ensure your brick and the rest of your home look as beautiful as possible. We start with a thorough inspection. Then, we power wash the brick with a fungicide to ensure that we don’t trap any unwanted fungus beneath the paint. Then, we do repairs, apply painters’ tape, put on the primer, and add the final coat. Finally, we do touch ups and detail work as needed. To get the best paint for brick for your home, contact us today. Our painting contractors can answer your questions about how Rhino Shield outperforms traditional exterior paint. Then, we can schedule an appointment to get your home painted.

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