Rhino Shield is the Best Paint for HardiPlank

Rhino Shield is the Best Paint for HardiPlank

Many homeowners have embraced HardiPlank over traditional siding. If you are one of the many homeowners who’ve made this decision, you may be wondering about the best paint for HardiPlank. Rhino Shield is the answer. Here’s what you need to know.

Rhino Shield is the best paint for hardiplank

What Is HardiPlank?

HardiPlank is fiber-cement siding. It features a blend of cellulose fibers and cement. It is a long lasting alternative to Masonite, and unlike Masonite, it doesn’t rot due to sun exposure. Often, homeowners choose HardiPlank when they don’t want to deal with the upkeep of wood siding or when they live in an area where wood is threatened by termites. Additionally, homeowners who don’t like the inexpensive look of vinyl siding also tend to gravitate toward HardiPlank.

Although HardiPlank has been around for over a decade, it’s still a relatively new option in the world of home siding, and many people are still trying to identify the best paint for HardiPlank.

Why Choose Rhino Shield for HardiPlank?

Rhino Shield is more than an exterior paint. It’s an innovative coating for your home, and it enhances many of the benefits you are already getting from your HardiPlank siding. HardiPlank is fire resistant, and Rhino Shield also has a class A fire and smoke rating, making it the perfect complement to HardiPlank siding.

On top of that, HardiPlank is a relatively green product because no toxic materials are used in its production. If you like the idea of being as green as possible with your home, Rhino Shield is also a great complement to your eco-friendly home because it is also non-toxic, is safe for skin contact, and can be disposed of in solid waste landfills. Most paints are so toxic that you can’t throw them away. Additionally, Rhino Shield produces fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than most exterior paints.

Investing in Your Home’s Exterior with Quality Products

Another reason that Rhino Shield is the best paint for HardiPlank is that both Rhino Shield and HardiPlank are investments into your home’s exterior. HardiPlank tends to be more expensive than wood or vinyl siding, but it’s also longer lasting and more durable. In that same vein, Rhino Shield may be more expensive than other exterior paint options, but this product is an investment into your home which saves you money in the long run.

Generally, when you hire painting contractors to put traditional exterior paint on your home, you have to paint again in about five years. With Rhino Shield, the paint lasts. In fact, you get a 25-year warranty. During that time, the paint should continue to make your HardiPlank look beautiful and colorful.

Rhino Shield Works on Every Surface

When you decide that Rhino Shield is the best paint for HardiPlank, you get all the advantages of Rhino Shield, but you also get an entirely coordinated home. Rhino Shield works on any surface. If you have a mixture of HardiPlank, brickwork, wood trim, metal flashing, and other elements on your home, you don’t have to worry about finding a separate type of paint for each material. Instead, you can paint the entire home with Rhino Shield.

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