Should You Hire House Painters or DIY?

Should You Hire House Painters or DIY?

Time to repaint your home? Trying to decide if you should do it yourself or hire a team of house painters? At Rhino Shield, we believe that it’s best to call in the professionals. Here’s why.

All the Equipment You Need

Generally, home owners paint their homes every five to ten years. Because it’s such a relatively rare type of home maintenance, you may not have all the supplies you need on hand. As a result, you can’t just budget for paint.You also need to buy brushes, rollers, and painting trays. On top of that, you need drop cloths, and the most expensive piece of equipment is a high quality ladder or a people lifter for the high parts of your home.When you hire house painters, you don’t have to buy all that equipment. Instead, you just let the professionals come in and take care of it for you.

Safer Experience

Climbing on ladders, especially when you have items like paint buckets in your hand, can be extremely dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls are a leading cause of death in the United States, and over half of all deadly falls happen from ladders. If you hire professionals, you don’t have to worry about danger to you or your family.

High-Quality Finished Product

In addition to saving you money on supplies and helping you avoid injuries, hiring professionals also yields in a superior finished product. In particular, when you hire house painters from Rhino Shield, we take steps to ensure that the work is done perfectly.We tightly tape every piece of trim to ensure colors don’t migrate into the wrong places. We also focus on detail work. We want every bit of our clients’ homes or businesses to look just right.

Repairs Included

When you hire home painters, they can also do repairs as part of the process. They can look over your home and look for loose trim, broken window sills, dented shutters, or other small issues. Then, they can ensure that everything is repaired so that the paint has a smooth, final surface to go on.

Professional Mitigation for Dangerous Situations

If you have lead paint on your home, that presents a danger to you, and if you scrape off that paint, that creates an airborne risk that can be extremely dangerous to all people in the area but especially to children, pregnant women, and pets.However, when you hire home painters who are skilled in lead mitigation, you don’t have to worry about those risks. The home painters can take care of everything from the scraping to applying new paint, and they can move through each step safely and thoroughly.

Possible Warranty

When you buy paint at a retail store there is usually a warranty on the label. Sometimes the warranties last for a very long time, such as “as long as you live in the home”. However, if you read closer, the warranty usually only covers a defective product. It’s difficult to convince a manufacturer that they sold a defective product. Georgia Coatings offers a more valuable warranty. First, the product warranty is against weathering. If Rhino Shield exterior paint breaks down before the expected life span of the coating, more product is supplied at no additional cost. Secondly, Georgia Coatings offers a limited labor warranty. Few painting contractors offer a labor warranty after 30 days. Rest assured that your paint project with Rhino Shield comes with long term support.If you’re ready to hire professional house painters, contact us at Rhino Shield today. Rhino Shield is more than exterior paint. It’s a specially formulated coating that is guaranteed to last 25 years, and we back up that promise with a warranty.

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