The Benefits of Ceramic Paint

The Benefits of Ceramic Paint

When you choose Rhino Shield over traditional exterior paint, your home gets a multi-layer coating system that adds color to your home, while also protecting your exterior. The finish coat is a ceramic coating. Here is a look at the benefits of the ceramic paint.

Bonds With Your Home

Adhesion is critical for any exterior paint system. Rhino Shield offers several types of primers designed to seal and bond to your walls.

Works With Resins in Other Layers to Protect Your Home

The ceramic layer works alongside of an adhesive sealing primer; an insulating and soundproofing layer; designed to resist algae, mold, and salt air. Binders and resins combine with the ceramic microspheres to create a flexible but tough and durable surface for your home. Available in a rainbow of colors, it also offers protection from fire and UV damage.

Reflects UV Rays

Formulated with ceramic microspheres, Rhino Shield is highly reflective of UV rays. That helps to keep a wall cooler and this protective element also slows oxidation from happening.

Makes Exterior Painting More Cost Effective

Painting your home can be an investment. Whether you pay professionals or invest in paint and equipment on your own, you end up spending a significant amount of money upfront. In most cases, you then have to repeat the process in five to seven years. When you use ceramic paint such as Rhino Shield, the process is more cost effective over time. You pay for it once, and it lasts for 25 years or more with our warranty. This investment can potentially even help with its resale value—the warranty is transferable so it transfers to the new buyers.

Is Tough Against Daily Life

Your home can take a beating, and not just from the weather. From banging a ladder against the side of the house, to bicyclesleaning on the side of the garage or debris flying in storms, many events can ding your home. Rhino Shield offer excellent tensile strength tested at over 200 pounds per square inch. This far exceed most paints in the market.To learn more about Rhino Shield ceramic paint, contact us today. At Georgia Coatings, we provide painting services to individuals and businesses throughout Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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