The Benefits of Professional Painting Services

The Benefits of Professional Painting Services

Is your paint peeling? Are you tired of your home’s color? Thinking about repainting? If so, you have a choice—you can do the work yourself or pay for professional painting services. Here’s why you should call in the pros.

Quality Work

Professional painting contractors have the experience you need to create a quality finish. Amateurs may easily be able to paint a flat surface, but professionals can handle all kinds of challenges from the angles on dormer windows to the intricate surfaces on a Queen Anne design.You don’t have to worry about paint glopping in one part, running in another, or looking messy anywhere. Professional painting services ensure that doesn’t happen.

Help With Repairs

Part of prepping a home involves repairing it. If you decide to paint your own home, you may find cracked window panes, loose caulking, or other big and small issues. You can paint around those issues, but that is not ideal. The damage can spread and ultimately wreak havoc on your exterior paint. Or, you can spend time repairing those issues. That adds extra time and expense to your project.In contrast, if you hire professional painting services, the painting contractors generally handle these repairs for you. For example, when you hire Rhino Shield of Georgia, tackling repairs is one of the steps we always do when getting ready to paint a home.


Redoing the exterior paint on a home entails a certain level of danger. This is especially true if you have a multi-story home that requires a lot of ladders. Additionally, if your home has a sharp grade around the perimeter of the home or if it’s a walkout, that can be especially dangerous. It can be hard to stabilize a ladder, and you risk falling. When you have professionals paint your home, you don’t have to worry about personal injuries. In addition, all of our crews carry workers compensation and general liability insurance. We verify every month that the insurance is active.


People who provide professional painting services also tend to have a lot of equipment. For instance, they have access to scaffolding that is safer than ladders. They also have harnesses and fall arrest equipment to keep their workers’ safe.On top of that, they have rollers, paint trays, and other painting equipment. If you decide to paint your own home, you have to buy all that equipment. In most cases, exterior paint lasts 10 to 15 years, and it’s unlikely the paint brushes or similar equipment you buy will last that long. As a result, you may save money in the long run by hiring professionals.


Many painting contractors provide warranties for both the paint and their work. In contrast, if you do the work yourself, you don’t have that same level of assurance. If something goes wrong or the paint flakes prematurely, you have to absorb the cost of repairing it.At Rhino Shield of Georgia, we offer a longer warranty than most traditional painting services. We use Rhino Shield which is a special home coating, which offers a lot of advantages over traditional exterior paint, and that comes with a 25 year warranty. Ready to bring in the pros? Let them team at Rhino Shield help you. We can give you a free estimate and help you decide if our services are right for you. Contact us today.

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