The Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

The Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s officially Spring and we’re hoping that warmer weather is right around the corner! With Spring comes MORE rain, as if we haven’t had enough of that already, as well as several of our other favorite things like pollen and bugs.

With the change in season, comes months of winter grime and build up. And no one wants the exterior of their home to look filthy, grimy, worn, or ill maintained. So we’ve compiled a list of important spring cleaning tasks for the outside of your home. We want it to bloom just like the spring flowers.


  • Clean out gutters- Most people see cleaning out the gutters as something that should happen in the fall, but it’s important to check them again in the spring to ensure no excess debris has become trapped in them from winter storms, which we’ve had plenty of this season!
  • Wash the windows- Windows can become incredibly dirty, even within a short amount of time. They become worse when their are pets involved…slobber anyone? Go out there and get some Windex, or our favorite Sprayway.
  • Power-wash- This is important for several areas of your home including siding, fences, driveways, and sidewalks! It’s an easy way to make your home look fresh and brand new.
  • Touch up paint- Let’s be honest, paint chips! Touch up areas that have cracked, peeled, or flaked off during the winter months, OR switch to Rhino Shield’s exterior coating that will keep your home looking brand knew for the next 25 years. It’s one easy one to eliminate a checklist item for years and years to come.
  • Inside Maintenance- This is the perfect time to change out the batteries in your smoke detectors and make sure all of your clocks are up to date. Give the inside of your home a little extra TLC too. It goes a long way.


  • Pick out the weeds- there’s something about picking the weeds out of your yard that brings such satisfaction! It also makes a huge difference in appearance for your yard. The less weeds, the cleaner and better kept your yard will look.
  • Rake- simply raking your yard, and fluffing up the grass helps your yard look well maintained. The cold tends to flatten out your yard. Giving it a good rake will help it look ready for spring.
  • Trim your shrubs
  • Add fresh soil, mulch, or pine straws
  • Add fresh flowers or hanging baskets- These help spruce up your home, bringing it alive for the warm, outdoor weather that comes along with spring and summer.


  • Sweep and power-wash patio
  • Clean outdoor light fixtures
  • Check for damage or rot on wooden decks
  • Pull out or clean off patio furniture
  • Replace any worn out rugs, pillows, or cushions
  • Get a fresh tank of propane for the grill- check its connections and make sure it’s functioning properly.

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year. There’s something about it that makes us feel brand new. It makes up feel alive! Make sure your home feels alive too this spring! The finish product will surely leave you with a smile on your face.

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