Tips For Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Tips For Choosing an Exterior Paint Color For Your Home

Tips for choosing an exterior paint color

Choosing the perfect exterior paint color for your home can be daunting. With so many shades and finishes available, selecting a color that enhances your home’s curb appeal while withstanding the test of time is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore popular exterior paint colors in 2023 and how Rhino Shield can match existing colors.

Popular Exterior Paint Colors in 2023

Here are some popular exterior paint colors options and themes that are trending in 2023:

  1. Earth Tones: Earthy shades like warm beiges, rich browns, and muted greens are making a comeback, as they offer a timeless and sophisticated look.
  2. Pastel Shades: Soft pastels like dusty blues, pale pinks, and subtle lavenders are perfect for homeowners looking to create a serene and inviting ambiance.
  3. Bold Accents: Make a statement with bold accent colors like deep reds, vibrant yellows, and striking blues that can be used for front doors, trim, and shutters.

To help you visualize these colors, check out our exterior painting gallery for inspiration.

Rhino Shield Color Matching Process

Rhino Shield’s advanced color-matching process can ensure that your home’s new exterior paint color will blend seamlessly with your existing color scheme. We can paint your home a new color as well!

Here’s an overview of how Rhino Shield can match your home’s existing color:

Step 1: Color Consultation

A personalized color consultation is the first step in the Rhino Shield color-matching process. A Rhino Shield representative will visit your home to assess the current color and discuss your preferences. During this consultation, you can share any specific requirements or ideas you have in mind for your home’s new exterior paint color.

Step 2: Custom Color Formulation

After the consultation, our team will use their extensive color palette and final coat visualizer tools as a starting point to create a custom color formulation that matches your existing color. We utilize advanced color-matching technology and a database of thousands of colors to ensure an accurate match.

Step 3: Color Sample

Once the custom color formulation is complete, we will provide a small sample of the newly created color. This sample allows you to see how the color will look on the exterior of your home under different lighting conditions. If you’re unsatisfied, we will continue working until we get the color right!

Step 4: Ceramic Coating Application

When you’re happy with the color match, our skilled professionals will apply the ceramic coating to your home’s exterior. The coating is specially formulated to bond with the existing surface, providing a durable, long-lasting, attractive finish that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

In addition to color matching, Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings offer numerous benefits, such as energy efficiency, low maintenance, and a 25-year transferable warranty. By choosing Rhino Shield, you can rest assured that the exterior of your home will look stunning and be well-protected for years to come.

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