Warm Weather Leaves Us Dreaming of the Beach

Warm Weather Leaves Us Dreaming of the Beach

Spring is officially over, and cool weather is no where in sight. It’s Summer, and that can mean only one thing: BEACH TIME! School is out, kids are free, and parents are stuck with them for the next three months. Travel season is at its peak! Families everywhere are making their way South to the beautiful beaches along every coast. And so are we!

Over the years, we’ve done a wide range of projects from churches and office buildings to log cabins and farm homes. We’ve done countless residential neighborhood houses, and even a couple of mansions, but our favorite projects have always been along the coast. Areas of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, Savannah, and Sun City are packed with beauty. From historic homes in the heart of Savannah, to million dollar beach bungalows in Hilton Head, the coast has it all! Including salt filled air and UV rays from the summer sun. Unlike regular paint, Rhino Shield’s exterior coating resists UV light, which means the beach and coastal areas are a prime location for us and our products.

The damp, salty air makes it extremely difficult to maintain the exterior of any home or building. But Rhino Shield’s exterior coating is different than basic paint. It is a durable, flexible, low maintenance coating that helps resist water penetration. It’s perfect for coastal homes and can be used on hardi plank, stucco, vinyl, and even cedar planked homes, all of which are popular in these marshy, coastal areas.

When your home is located on or near water, deterioration can occur 5-10 times faster than it would anywhere else. Rhino Shield’s exterior coating resists UV light, air pollution, mildew, and lowers the rate of corrosion caused from salt air moisture that occurs as a result of coastal weather conditions. Rhino Shield can adhere to all common exterior surfaces and reflect over 90% of the sun’s rays. How awesome is that? And as most of you coastal homeowners know, the sun near the ocean is powerful all year around. So no matter what the weather, Rhino Shield homes will continue looking great for 25 years!  

So weather you’re a beach home owner, or a beach home goer it’s important that your home looks and feels fresh during your stay. We recently had the pleasure of giving an immaculate home the much needed refresher it needed and boy are we obsessed with the outcome! Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia is known for its wide, sandy beaches and is perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, destination weddings, and party animals world wide. Tybee has great fishing and an array of water sports, as well as relaxing beach front pools and bars. It’s perfect for any summer getaway and home to over 3,000 people. Who can blame them. Especially with homes like these, and projects like this!

Honestly, we’re envious of the home owners and wish we could move in with them ASAP…or at least visit every once and while. The beach is just our favorite! And we know there are a lot of you out there who love it too! So if you live near or in a coastal city, or have rental properties close to salty water, let us know! We’ll help keep your home looking its best for the next 25 years. You’re worth it, your home is worth, and those beautiful beach views are definitely worth it!

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