Rhino Shield Is the Best Exterior Paint for Coastal & Beach Houses

Rhino Shield is the Best Exterior Paint for Coastal Homes & Beach Houses

Rhino Shield is the Best Exterior Paint for Coastal & Beach Houses​

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Owning a coastal home or a beach house comes with its set of unique challenges. These environments are known for harsh wind-driven rain, salty air, and tropical storms. The outside of your house can take a beating in these elements, and traditional paints often aren’t enough to protect the integrity of your home. Enter Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings – the best exterior paint for coastal homes and beach houses.  

Choosing the right paint for your waterfront property is crucial to maintaining its look over time. This article will explain why Rhino Shield is the best choice of paint for your coastal home.

What Are The Challenges of Coastal Living?

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Living by the coast offers breathtaking views and a serene lifestyle but also brings distinct challenges for homeowners. The humid subtropical climate can be harsh on the properties’ exteriors, potentially causing the paint to peel, crack, and degrade faster than in other regions. Moreover, the salty sea breezes, though refreshing, can accelerate corrosion and damage to the paintwork, especially if not shielded with quality paint for coastal homes.

Additionally, coastal homes and beach houses are often exposed to strong winds and storms, which can further wear down the exterior paint, leaving it aged and weathered quickly. Therefore, securing your home with the best exterior paint capable of withstanding these environmental challenges is not just a choice but a necessity.

Why Is Rhino Shield The Best Paint For Coastal Homes and Beach Houses?

Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings is your trusted partner in this regard, promising an enhanced aesthetic appeal and a durable shield that stands up to the coastal Tybee Island climate. Specializing in providing the best paint for beach homes and waterfront properties, we ensure your peace of mind, knowing your investment in Tybee Island is well protected against the test of time and weather.

1. Salt Tolerance – Rhino-Shield is the most salt-tolerant coating on the market. This is vital in coastal areas. As the testing shows, we are in the top category of salt tolerance and even outperformed the industry standard, Rustoleum.

2. Resists Fading – The sun can be particularly harsh in coastal areas, leading to quick fading of exterior paint. Rhino Shield incorporates UV protection in its colorants, ensuring your home retains its vibrant color for years, even under the relentless sun typically found in beach houses.

3. Helps Repel Water – Rhino Shield meets the stringent Miami/Dade wind-driven rain specification, particularly beneficial for coastal homes, offering protection against even the strongest storms commonly experienced in coastal environments, thus safeguarding your beach house from potential water damage.

4. Resists Algae & Mildew – Coastal homes are more susceptible to algae and mildew due to the high humidity levels. Rhino Shield’s exterior paint contains additives that offer superior resistance to algae and mildew, preventing damage that could otherwise lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs.

5. Allows Wood To Breathe – Despite offering complete bonding, Rhino Shield allows the wood of your coastal home to breathe. This prevents common paint issues like chipping, cracking, and peeling to ensure a fresh and appealing exterior that stands the test of time in coastal settings.

6. BASF Tested – To offer peace of mind to homeowners in coastal areas, Rhino Shield undergoes rigorous testing by top laboratories including BASF, ensuring its performance even in the challenging coastal conditions. This constant testing guarantees the quality and performance of the product in protecting beach homes from aging and environmental damages.

7. Class “A” Fire Rating – Rhino Shield offers a Class “A” fire and smoke rating, potentially qualifying homeowners in coastal regions for insurance discounts, adding an extra layer of safety and financial benefit to your coastal property investment.

8. Won’t Crack, Chip, Warp, or Peel – Coastal properties often suffer from the adverse effects of humidity and salt, leading to chipping, cracking, and peeling of conventional paints. Rhino Shield stands resilient against these challenges, offering waterproofing and bonding capabilities that maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance, safeguarding your beach home against the harsh coastal elements.

9. Can Help Reduce Energy Cost – In the warm coastal climates, energy costs can skyrocket. Rhino Shield helps mitigate this with its LOW E coating that provides an R-value equivalence of 6.89, offering excellent insulation for your home and potentially reducing energy bills, a significant boon for homeowners in areas with high temperatures.

10. Bonds Completely – Protect your seaside property from the moisture prevalent in coastal regions. Unlike typical paint, Rhino Shield bonds completely to your home’s surface, preventing moisture penetration that can cause wood swelling and paint deterioration, offering an unmatched shield against the coastal weather, securing your investment in the long run.

11. Save On Repainting Every 3 – 5 Years – Coastal homes are particularly prone to wear and tear due to the harsh environmental elements. Rhino Shield offers a resounding solution. We ensure a vibrant facade for 25 years, saving you from the frequent repaintings typically required in seaside settings. This durable paint not only seals and caulks but also aids in wood repairs, making maintenance a breeze for homeowners in coastal regions.

12. Fully-Transferable 25-Year Warranty – Ensure the longevity of your investment with our 25-year warranty that even transfers to new homeowners, enhancing the resale value of your coastal property. This warranty stands as a testament to the quality and durability of Rhino Shield, offering peace of mind and financial security for coastal homeowners.

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By using Rhino Shield for your coastal property, you can benefit from the enhanced durability and protective qualities that are essential in such demanding environments. Contact us below to get started!

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FAQ About Painting The Exterior of your Coastal Home

What is the best paint for coastal properties?

The best paint for coastal properties is one that can withstand harsh sun, strong winds, salty air, and high humidity. Rhino Shield ceramic paint is an excellent choice for coastal properties as it is designed to resist these challenging environmental factors. Its durable finish is less likely to chip, peel, or crack, offering long-lasting protection for seaside homes.

What kind of paint do you use on a house by the sea?

For a house by the sea, it’s important to use a paint that can endure the abrasive sea air and frequent storms. Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint has a high resistance to salt air and moisture, which can greatly extend the lifespan of the paint job on seaside homes. Its composition is specifically designed to protect against the corrosive sea environment.

What is the best exterior paint for tropical weather?

Tropical weather requires a paint that can handle intense sun, heavy rain, and high humidity. Rhino Shield’s exterior paint is formulated with ceramic microspheres that reflect UV rays, helping to prevent fading and degradation caused by sun exposure. Its breathable membrane allows moisture to escape from the walls, preventing mold and mildew growth, which makes it ideal for tropical climates.

What is the most popular paint color for beach house?

The most popular paint color for beach houses tends to be light, airy, and reflective of the beachy environment. Soft whites and pastels like seafoam green or pale blue are favorites. Rhino Shield can provide these popular colors with the added benefit of ceramic technology, ensuring that even light colors stay vibrant longer under harsh coastal conditions.

What paint can withstand salt water?

Paint that can withstand salt water needs to have a strong bond to the home’s exterior and a resilient finish. Rhino Shield is known for its adhesion and toughness, making it one of the best options for areas with salt water exposure. It is specifically designed to provide a shield against salt spray and coastal weather conditions, helping to preserve the integrity of the building’s exterior over time.

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