Why Customers Love Rhino Shield

Why Customers Love Rhino Shield

Our clients have been so pleased with the professional painting contractors and high quality exterior paint that they can’t stop writing about it. Here are some of the reviews about Rhino Shield our customers have been sharing online.

High Quality Products and Service

“I just want to say thank you for the great job the crew did on my home and the cleanup afterwards. It looks as good (but is actually better) as it did when it was completed by [another company] in late 2003. I’m sharing how happy I am with all my friends via Facebook. Wish I could add pictures with this review to show it off. Thanks again, Jackie Allen.”

Our service does not end with the paint job. Painting contractors make sure to finish what we started and leave your home tidy.

Keeping a Clean Work Site

“Super fantastic. We recently had the front of my house done by Georgia Coatings, a Rhino Shield company. I was very concerned before going with them. As a curious consumer, I did my research online. Went to different sites and reviewed the good and the bad. When Mr. Eckland came over to do his pitch, I pretty much have all the answers. This gentleman did not push the sale but asked my wife and I to think about it. I must say that the price is about twice as much of the price of what we paid in the prior years. But it is worth it considering the 25 year warranty. The crew is always on time. They did their work and cleaned up after themselves. I highly recommend their work. I am very grateful for Mr. Eckland for having a great crew to do work and apply Rhino Shield. I highly recommend their work.”

It’s important that we go over the entire process with you up front. You get a crash course in how the application process should go and the products that the painting contractors will use. That way you know what to expect during your exterior paint job.

Bringing New Life to Old Homes

“My house is 40 years old and was beginning to show its age -even though it was the recipient of constant care and maintenance. I am 80 years of age and had recently been unable to maintain the pace required to keep the place up. Now, however, with the advent of Rhino Shield ceramic coatings, my house looks new once again and its appearance belies its age – subject, of course, to architectural changes over the past four decades. My expectation is that it will continue to do so for the balance of my lifetime and that of my eldest son who will continue to reside here. I am delighted with the appearance of my house; it has not looked this good since it was first built.” —Dwight A. from Winston, GA

Wow! What a difference the right exterior paint can make. It’s refreshing to know we are making people happy with great service and professional painting contractors.

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