Why Rhino Shield is a Better Exterior House Paint

Why Rhino Shield is a Better Exterior House Paint

If you’re getting ready to hire painting contractors to redo the exterior paint on your home, you may want to consider Rhino Shield. This product outperforms traditional exterior house paint in a number of ways.

1. Features Multiple Beneficial Layers

Normally, when you apply exterior house paint, it just features one layer. From top to bottom, the product is the same. Rhino Shield is more than just paint. It’s actually a unique coating that you add to your home, and its multiple layers are designed to protect your home in a range of exciting ways.The bottom layer protects your home from threats related to moisture such as algae and mold, but it also protects your home from salt. That’s ideal when you live relatively close to the ocean as the salt in the air can really threaten your home. The next layer provides some insulation and soundproofing.In the face of rising energy costs and loud city and suburban streets, the middle layer is a must-have for many home owners. The next layer is the ceramic coating with UV protection so you don’t have to worry about the color fading, and finally, there’s an adhesive sealing primer layer to hold everything together and provide the ultimate protection.

2. Works on All Materials

Generally, exterior house paint is only designed to stick to the wood siding on a home. With Rhino Shield that is not the case. You can apply Rhino Shield to all parts of your home’s exterior. It works on metal, brick, stucco, and other materials in addition to wood. If you want to paint your metal garage doors to match your wood siding, that’s easy with Rhino Shield.

3. Offers a Multi-Step Application Process

In many cases, when you hire painting contractors to put paint on your home, they just come out and apply the paint. With Rhino Shield, you get a lot more effective and involved multi-step application process. The contractors start with repairs. Then, they prepare the surface for the paint. This can involve everything from sanding down surfaces to safely removing lead-based paint. They tape everything to ensure clear cut lines, and finally, they apply the Rhino Shield coating. Once everything is done, they do a final check and make sure the look meets your standards.

4. Comes With a Guarantee

With traditional exterior house paint, you have to repaint every few years. With Rhino Shield, the coating is designed to last for at least 25 years. So that you can rest assured that happens, the coating comes with a 25 year warranty. If the color fades or other issues occur during that time, it’s all covered.

5. Boasts Special Offers

A lot of painting contractors only accept cash up front. At Rhino Shield, we know that it isn’t always easy to do. To help our clients, we offer great specials. Note that specials are subject to change, but we have offered deals such as 25 percent off if you find us online or interest-free, same-as-cash financing with payments over a three to 12 month period. If you’re ready for a superior experience, contact Rhino Shield. Our painting contractors do an amazing job that provides your home with beautiful exterior house paint in an innovative new way. Request a Free Estimate Today!

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