With Rhino Shield Exterior Paint, You’ll Never Paint Again!

With Rhino Shield Exterior Paint, You’ll Never Paint Again!

Are you tired of painting your home every few years? Want to never paint again? Then, it may be time to look away from traditional exterior paint and start thinking about Rhino Shield. When our painting contractors apply Rhino Shield to your home, you get a 25-year warranty on the paint, and you don’t have to paint again during that time.

Never paint your house again

Never Paint Again Thanks to the Innovation of Rhino Shield

The reason Rhino Shield lasts 25 years is because it is more than exterior paint. It is an innovative coating for your home. Rhino Shield consists of four unique layers. The base layer prevents algae, mold, and salt from settling on the exterior of your home. Those are four of the elements that break down traditional paint and potentially damage your home. Then, the next layer provides extra insulation and some sound proofing. You don’t get that type of performance with alternatives.

Near the surface layer, you get ceramic coating and UV ray protection. That helps to ensure that the sun doesn’t degrade the color or the appearance of your paint. With this paint, your home’s color should look as beautiful and vibrant on the last day you have it as it does on the first day. Finally, on the surface layer, you get adhesive sealing primers. That holds everything together while keeping out the elements.

Rhino Shield Is Applied With a Multi-Step Process

With Rhino Shield, you don’t just get the benefit of the paint itself. Instead, you also get the benefit of the application process. To truly ensure that you never paint again, the contractors start by doing an inspection and necessary repairs to your home. Then, they ensure that the surface is smooth and ready to receive paint by scraping, caulking, and sanding, and of course, they wash the home to ensure they don’t trap any fungicides or other issues.

Finally, when the painting contractors are done with those steps, they tape the home and they start to paint. By taping the home, they ensure that the application is going to look nice — after all, if you’re going to never paint again, you need an exterior that looks right. You don’t want a subpar painting job for the next two and a half decades.

You Get a 25-Year Warranty

When you are looking at any product — whether it’s exterior paint, shoes, or anything in between — you can read descriptions about how great the product is or look at reviews from satisfied customers. That can do a lot to reduce your concerns, but how can you be sure of the quality? To reassure you that the paint will truly stand the test of time, we offer a 25 year warranty, and it’s transferable to the new owner if you sell your home. The warranty truly ensures that you never paint again. If you have an issue, you simply put in a claim on the warranty.

Ready to never paint again? Then, call us to set up a consultation and get an estimate today. We provide Rhino Shield painting to homes and businesses throughout Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

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