Can Rhino Shield Be Used On Historical Homes or Buildings?

Can Rhino Shield Be Used On Historical Homes or Buildings?

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Certainly, Rhino Shield can be used on historical homes or buildings. It not only serves as a redecoration but also acts as a long-term protection for the structure. It’s not uncommon for the facade of a historical home to require revitalization over time. Peeling and chipping paint often triggers a feeling of concern, knowing the extensive effort needed to hire a proficient painting company to restore the building’s aesthetics without compromising its historic essence

Fortunately, with Rhino Shield Georgia Coatings, this is a simple process. Recognized for its unmatched expertise across Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, we use our exclusive elastomeric wall coatings to revamp homes brilliantly. Trust our abilities to transform and protect your historical residence with the utmost skill.

10 Reasons To Paint a Historical Home or Building With Rhino Shield

1 – Preservation of Original Appearance

Rhino Shield coatings are an excellent choice to preserve the authentic appearance of your historic building. These ceramic coatings are crafted with premium quality, ensuring the structure maintains its timeless grace while offering enduring protection. Furthermore, with a vast spectrum of color choices available, you can either retain the original shade or opt for a new one that accentuates the architectural beauty of the building.

2 – Enhanced Durability

Regarding historic buildings, durability must stand the test of time. Rhino Shield is a formidable alternative to conventional paint, offering an extended lifespan that negates the need for regular repaint jobs. The ceramic microspheres forge a resilient, flexible, and breathable coat, averting potential cracking, chipping, and peeling, securing the building’s shield for many years.

3 – Energy Efficiency

It is paramount for historic structures, which might not have been constructed with contemporary insulation methods, to improve their energy efficiency. Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating exhibits insulative properties that assist in diminishing energy costs by reflecting ultraviolet rays and lessening heat transmission through the external walls. This feature curtails the environmental footprint and safeguards the building’s structural integrity by mitigating temperature-induced strain.

4 – Environmentally Friendly

Opting for Rhino Shield is synonymous with embracing an eco-friendly solution for preserving historic structures. Being a low-VOC product, it discharges minimal hazardous substances into the atmosphere compared to ordinary paints. The lasting nature of this coating means less frequent repaints, resulting in reduced waste and resource utilization, thereby fostering a greener environment.

5 – Weather Resistance

Rhino Shield promises a formidable defense against severe climatic conditions. Its elastomeric coating can adapt to temperature variations, preventing fissures and other damage to the exterior. Moreover, the ceramic particles within the coating deflect UV rays, conserving the facade from fading and other sun-induced deteriorations.

6 – Waterproofing

Water damage is a prevalent concern for any building. Rhino Shield is waterproof, thwarting moisture infiltration through the external walls. This barrier helps prevent mold, mildew, and rot as well.

7 – Wind and Impact Resistance

Engineered to resist potent winds, Rhino Shield minimizes the possibility of damage induced by wind-borne debris. Its robust, adaptable layer absorbs and distributes the energy from impacts, lowering the chances of fragmentation or peeling.

8 – Salt and Corrosion Resistance

Buildings near the coast are vulnerable to salt exposure and humidity, which can catalyze corrosion and wear of the outer surfaces. Rhino Shield’s specialized formula offers resistance against salt and corrosion, shielding structures in these adverse surroundings.

9 – Mold and Mildew Resistance

Historic buildings can be susceptible to mold and mildew, presenting both aesthetic issues and potential health risks. Rhino Shield coating resists mold and mildew growth, maintaining a clean and healthy exterior.

10 – Insect Resistance

Rhino Shield provides a sturdy, insect-resistant surface that hinders pests like termites and carpenter ants from inflicting damage to the structure. This formidable barrier aids in preventing structural impairments caused by these pests.

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Embarking on a renovation journey with Rhino Shield offers many benefits, particularly for safeguarding the historical essence of your building. When the time comes to refurbish your historical building, don’t hesitate to choose Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings. Apart from offering complimentary estimates, we are here to help you with any questions about our offerings and methods. Join hands with us to preserve the grandeur of your historic establishment today!

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