Faded Metal Roof? You Need SuperShield Roof Coating!

Faded Metal Roof? You Need SuperShield Roof Coating!

Metal roofs last significantly longer than traditional shingle roofs, but unfortunately, their color can fade over time. If your metal roof needs an update, it’s time to think about SuperShield roof coating. Here’s what you need to know about this alternative to paint.

Compatible With Different Slopes

Generally, you need paint that works with different types of roof slopes, and SuperShield has different varieties to work with different types of roofs. In particular, if you need to cover a flat commercial roof, you can opt for the flat roof formula—that’s particularly useful if you’re trying to prevent pools of water. However, if you live in a residential home, you can opt for the sloped roof formula.

Wide Range of Colors

If you need a roof coating because your original color is fading, you will love the fact that SuperShield comes in a huge range of colors. You don’t have to choose from a list of colors. Instead, you can basically design your own unique color.

UV Reflective

You may have heard the advice that if you want your roof to absorb less heat that you need to opt for a light color of roofing. This is important because your roof is the closest part of your home to the sun, and it can absorb a lot of heat that can drive up your cooling costs. However, when you have a light colored roof, the sun’s rays are less likely to be absorbed and more likely to bounce away.But, what if you don’t want a light colored roof? What if you want a more traditional dark colored roof? Well, SuperShield makes that possible. All colors of this innovative roof coating are designed to be UV-reflective. That lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Energy Efficient

When you add this type of roof coating to your roof, it boosts the energy efficiency of your roof. If you’re currently worried about losing cold or hot air through your roof, you may want to consider SuperShield. This comes from the same company that makes Rhino Shield, a paint alternative which helps to protect your home from the elements while also boosting its efficiency.

Perfect for Metal

As you know, painting metal can be challenging. You need to use a special type of paint, or it won’t stick to the surface. SuperShield is perfectly designed to work with metal. Remember, it’s from the Rhino Shield family, and Rhino Shield works on all home materials including stucco, metal, wood, brick, and others.

Great Installation Process

When you opt to use SuperShield roof coating, you get to enjoy an expert installation process. Our professionals typically start with a consultation where we talk about your options and give you an estimate. Then, we can help with repairs or rust remediation as needed. Finally, we apply the roof coating to your metal roof, and you get to enjoy the fresh color and the boosted curb appeal of your home.To learn more, ask questions, or get a quote, contact us today. We are your local Rhino Shield dealer in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. We would love to help you fix up the fading color of your metal roof.

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