Exterior Metal Siding & Roof Painting & Coating

When painting metal siding our contractors at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings offer a long-lasting solution. Metal has a reputation of being challenging to paint, but don’t give up hope. Our outdoor metal painters use Rhino Shield, a multi-layered paint coating, that bonds to metal siding significantly better than traditional paint. We can apply Rhino Shield to a number of exterior metal surfaces, with a multi-step application process that ensures the coating adheres properly. Get a solution that works for your metal siding.

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Exterior Metal Siding and Roof Painting and Coating

Atlanta’s Source for Painting Metal Siding

Rhino Shield’s innovative coating is only available through our exterior metal painters. When you’re done struggling with paint for your metal siding, let us take care of you. You’ll never have to worry for 25 years with Rhino Shield’s extensive warranty. Because we use a formula that uses ceramic nanotechnology with a low breakage rate that packs together onto metal, the thickness doesn’t wear away easily. One of Rhino Shield’s additive layers is designed to block UV rays that cause fading to lengthen its lifespan.

Trustworthy Exterior Metal Painters

Our exterior painters perform a comprehensive installation that focuses on expert application in an efficient manner. We utilize a 12-step process that involves the readying of your property’s exterior with an inspection before addressing needed repairs, cleaning dirt, algae, and mildew of the metal surface in preparation for its coating. Next, we remove the existing paint and caulk around doors and windows. Our contractors are certified to remove lead paint if necessary. The primer and coating are then applied. We finish by cleaning up, so we don’t leave any mess behind on your Atlanta property.

Reliable Results for More Than Just Siding

Siding isn’t the only place Rhino Shield works on for Atlanta exteriors. Metal roofs can get all the benefits of our protective coating with an indistinguishable clear coat or a colorful new look. The waterproof membrane of Rhino Shield prevents water from leaking through your metal roof and rebuffs rust. Since it’s more than paint, our coating protects against fading under the Atlanta sun and scratches. Our outdoor metal painters use the same detailed application on metal roofs of all kinds for an outcome you can trust.

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