Rhino Shield Spray On Siding Brings New Life to Your Home

Rhino Shield Spray On Siding Brings New Life to Your Home

Imagine not having to re-paint your home for 25 years. Rhino Shield is the ultimate spray on siding. It beautifies your home with paint that resists fading and is safe for the environment. Its acrylic-urethane, high-build formula is flexible, tough, and durable. Multiple additives provide fire resistance, UV blockers, mildewcides, and algaecides, and other proprietary agents completely protect your home from threats. Here’s a look at even more of the benefits.

Quality Products to Protect Your Home

Rhino Shield has been put on more than 20,000 homes and businesses worldwide during the last decade, and the company has pioneered the development of long lasting ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology. The thick, rubber-like membrane of this spray on siding has excellent bonding that resists water penetration, provides some insulation benefits, and helps with outside noises.Rhino Shield also contains an EPA registered 3 part mold, mildew, and algae additive, preventing the growth of these unsightly microbes. It’s also resistant to UV rays, slows color fade, and seals small cracks while still allowing the walls and roof of your home to “breathe”. Breathability means moisture and water can evaporate before causing damage.

Spray on Siding Features Solid Materials Instead of Water

Most outdoor paint is over 60% water, but Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint alternative is made of nearly 80% solid materials. The ceramic microspheres replace the usual paint fillers like chalk and protect against heat, UV rays, and paint break-down. Rhino Shield spray on siding dries up to ten times thicker, offering more protection and insulation than traditional paints. This incredible product outperforms traditional paint in most comparisons for both residential and commercial customers.

Rhino Shield Works on Multiple Surfaces

Use Rhino Shield spray on siding on wood, brick, stucco, concrete, aluminum, metal, Masonite, and vinyl exterior surfaces for long lasting protection. Because the protective coating goes on like paint, it doesn’t jeopardize the original look or texture of the material.

Rhino Shield Spray on Siding Lasts

This spray on siding exterior paint is guaranteed to last for 25 years or longer. A home suffers over time, and it faces threats ranging from the ladder propped against it for cleaning gutters to garbage cans banged on the side of the garage to severe weather events.  Rhino Shield spray siding has the ability to withstand 200 pounds per square inch of pressure, far exceeding most paints on the market today, and that ensures your home will look fresh and bright for years.

Spray on Siding Acts Like Vinyl

Rhino Shield looks like paint, but lasts like vinyl. While Rhino Shield costs more than regular paint and low quality vinyl siding options, Rhino Shield is a more cost-effective option because it lasts so long. Although it must be installed by professionals, Rhino Shield can be applied with minimal preparation, and its maintenance and repair costs are far lower than other solutions. Beyond that, it is an effective insulator and thereby contributes to reduced heating and cooling expenses.  The long lasting application also decreases environmental impact because it reduces the need for more paint to be produced. If you’re looking for a long-lasting paint that will withstand all types of weather, has thousands of color choices (including specialty blends for custom finishes), and a Class A fire rating, then Rhino Shield ceramic paint coating is the ideal solution. It’s not just paint…it’s much, much more! To learn more about spray on siding, contact us today.

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