Updated Formula Makes Rhino Shield Even Better For Homeowners​

Updated Formula Makes Rhino Shield Even Better For Homeowners

The Science Behind Rhino Shield's Updated Formula

In 2022, Rhino Shield updated the formula for its ceramic elastomeric coating to better serve homeowner needs. Rhino Shield products are known for resisting water damage, fading, mildew & algae while providing other benefits that traditional paint can’t compete with. The newly updated formula improves upon Rhino Shield’s already impressive nanotechnology. 

Mike Moore is the Director of Products and Applications for Rhino Shield. He’s impressed with how Rhino Shield has evolved over its 20-year life, but says that the latest update in 2022 is what makes the superior ceramic coating elite. 

“I have to give credit to the new owners of Rhino Shield,” said Moore. “Their unwavering commitment to invest in Research and Development will ensure the success of Rhino Shield moving forward. Rhino Shield has been around for more than 20 years, and that’s because it’s continually being evaluated and improved.”

“For example, four years ago, we partnered with Dow to improve bio resistance, resulting in a 3-part Dow additive that offers even greater resistance to any coating’s main attackers: mildew, algae, and fungi. That partnership with Dow resulted in a much-improved product.

“Through self-cross-linking polymer chemistry, this latest update allows us to continue to improve the physical qualities of the coating,” said Moore.

AmCoat’s CEO, Terence Andre, said improving the durability qualities of Rhino Shield over the years is what has made the ceramic coating one of the best-performing options homeowners can choose to paint the exterior of their homes with.

“With our latest upgrade, we’ve developed the highest-performing elastomeric coating in the industry,” said Andre. “Through the innovative use of highly-developed and latest technology backbone resins and specialty additives, we’re seeing improved adhesion, elongation, tensile strength, and especially permeability — all of which are crucial to the long-term performance of an architectural wall coating. In addition, this coating can reject significant heat penetration. So, in addition to protecting your home, it’s like adding an additional layer of heat resistance.”

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