Superior Adhesion Allows Rhino Shield To Perform At Its Best

Superior Adhesion Allows Rhino Shield To Perform At Its Best

Superior adhesion allows rhino shield to perform at its best

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You may already know that Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings boasts a 25-year warranty, guaranteed never to crack, chip, warp, or peel, but you may be wondering what about Rhino Shield allows it to perform so well for so long. The secret is in its adhesion properties. It all begins with our high-quality adhesive primer sealer (APS), a high-quality primer formulated to work specifically in conjunction with Rhino Shield coatings. This article will explain more about how these two products offer superior protection for your home when used together.

What is Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS)

Rhino Shield’s Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS) is a distinctive, proprietary primer sealer different from conventional primers. On application, it transforms into a watertight membrane that integrates with the underlying substance of the layer. This makes a more robust and protective layer with stellar adhesion properties. Our unparalleled Adhesive Primer Sealer has been a pillar of our brand’s success for over two decades.

The Adhesive Primer Sealant (APS) is engineered to rejuvenate, fortify, and prepare surfaces to apply our resilient final ceramic coat. It works to ensure the success of your exterior painting project. The solid bond between the primer sealer and the substrate layer minimizes the risk of moisture intrusion under the finish coat. Consequently, our adhesive primer sealer guarantees a moisture-resistant layer between your structure and our product, regardless of the humidity level. Lastly, APS can fill minuscule cracks in walls and works in harmony with the Durable Finish Coat (DFC) top coat.

Our adhesive primer sealer is expressly formulated to function alongside Rhino Shield’s ceramic finish coat. It is perfect for both residential and commercial exterior painting tasks. This transparent primer can be applied to various materials, such as woodstuccoHardie Plank®brickmetalconcrete, and more.

Rhino Shield’s Updated Formula Is Like Nothing Else On The Market

In 2022, Rhino Shield updated its ceramic elastomeric coating formula to serve homeowners’ needs better. Rhino Shield products are known for resisting water damage, fading, mildew & algae while providing other benefits that traditional paint can’t compete with. The newly updated formula improves upon Rhino Shield’s already impressive nanotechnology.

With the latest upgrade, Rhino Shield developed the highest-performing elastomeric coating in the industry. Rhino Shield offers improved adhesion, tensile strength, permeability, and heat protection through the innovative use of highly-developed and latest technology backbone resins and specialty additives. These qualities are crucial for the long-term performance of an exterior paint coating.

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