The Best Painting Contractor For Your Business

The Best Painting Contractor For Your Business

The best painting contractor for your business

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Choose Rhino Shield as your painting contractor and guarantee your business or commercial property receives the exceptional exterior finish it deserves. If constant repainting every few years wears you out, Rhino Shield is your go-to solution. Our ceramic coatings are significantly more durable than traditional paints, and we back them with a transferrable 25-year warranty on all commercial endeavors.

Rhino Shield is a Wise Business Decision

Selecting Rhino Shield as your exterior painting contractor presents many perks for your business. Our coating system, with its proven durability through independent tests, grants fewer repaints, and other benefits to save your budget into the future.

Here are some ways Rhino Shield shines compared to traditional latex paint.

  • Extraordinary thickness (8-10 times than regular paint)
  • Withstands harsh weather, including 98-mph wind-driven rain
  • Embedded with a three-part, EPA-endorsed mildewcide for protection

Plus, you get to enjoy these additional business-friendly benefits:

  • Maintenance cost savings
  • No more frequent, inconvenient repainting
  • A 25-year transferable warranty
  • Eliminates routine wall maintenance
  • Enhances your building’s look
  • Lowers energy expenses

Quality Comes Standard

Our products work on almost any exterior surface, and our preparation process is more exhaustive than what you’ll find with standard painting contractors. We do everything from minor repairs to scraping, sanding, and caulking. This meticulous preparation leads to a product that’s appealing and lasting.

Rhino Shield is a quality exterior paint that boasts these traits:

What Businesses Can Benefit From Rhino Shield?

Choosing to paint their business’ exterior with Rhino Shield is one of the smartest things a business owner can do. Rhino Shield products offer a permanent solution to exterior painting that is ideal for: 

  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Apartments & Multi-Unit Homes
  • Professional Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Places of Worship
  • Roofs
  • Industrial Sites

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Rhino Shield is not just a product; it’s a long-term investment for your business’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. With savings on maintenance, enhanced durability, and a 25-year warranty, choosing Rhino Shield as your painting contractor is a decision you won’t regret.

Ready to transform the look of your business with a coating that stands the test of time? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation, where we’ll discuss your specific needs and how Rhino Shield can provide the tailored solution your business deserves.

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