Exterior Vinyl Siding Painting & Coating

Vinyl has a reputation for being a notoriously difficult material. Many people believe exterior coating isn’t compatible with vinyl siding, but with Rhino Shield we can seal and protect your Atlanta home no matter the material. At Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings, our exterior painters have more than 16 years of experience painting vinyl siding and have perfected our installation methods. While Rhino Shield isn’t right for all vinyl siding, our contractors will help decide what’s best for your home.

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Exterior Vinyl Siding Painting and Coating

Best Options Exterior Paint for Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding expands under the Atlanta heat, making it tricky, but not impossible to apply a thicker exterior coating. When choosing a color for Rhino Shield it’s better to go with lighter shades. Darker colors used in Atlanta can cause vinyl to warp and buckle when too exposed to the sun. We have a huge selection of colors that work well in Atlanta, or our exterior vinyl painters can match usable colors from Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Porter, Pittsburg, Valspar, and Behr. Just because vinyl needs certain paint shades doesn’t mean you’re limited in options.

Detailed Exterior Vinyl Painters

When we step in with our exterior paint for vinyl siding, we want to make sure that it applies accurately without any issues for you later on. Because vinyl resists most other paint, we’ve designed a 12-step process to make sure Rhino Shield adheres to your property like it’s supposed to. Our prep before painting vinyl siding on your exterior fixes damage and cleans the surface necessary for the coating to bond. Once the final coat’s on, we’ll check our work and touch up where needed.

Full-Service Exterior Painters

Whatever your vinyl siding needs, our contractors are equipped to help. We believe in long term results for Atlanta homes, and we back this through the care we show on each project we complete. When we use Rhino Shield on your vinyl siding, you can rest assured knowing that the coating will be protected by a 25-year warranty and will hold up noticeably longer than other less permanent solutions. Our professional painters come with years of experience and can tackle any additional repairs and painting you require.

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