Exterior Stucco Painting & Coating

As a beautiful and versatile material, stucco is a great fit for the Atlanta and Atlanta metro area homes. The smooth surface is perfect to display many stucco paint colors and designs. With so many stucco paint options, it can be hard to know what to choose. It’s important to consider the effect of Atlanta’s climate and the age of your stucco before deciding.

When deciding how to paint stucco, it is important to know that new stucco, old stucco, and previously painted stucco all require different processes. At Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings, our exterior painters partner with you to determine the best stucco paint and stucco paint colors for your home or business.

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Exterior Stucco Painting and Coating

How to Paint Stucco

Our exterior stucco painters have over 20 years of experience. They are extremely knowledgeable in how to paint stucco and handle the material. Whether we’re using the Rhino Shield coating or a conventional kind of paint, we will use a method that applies paint without missing a step. The initial inspection we do during the staging process points out any cracks that are typically found in older stucco and we will fix them with our stucco application techniques and innovative sealer. Previously painted stucco is power washed to remove the color and the dusty layer then settles into stucco from minerals.

The Better Colored Stucco Option for Georgia

While several various types of paint can work on stucco, we recommend Rhino Shield’s multi layered ceramic coating. Unlike other paint, Rhino Shield is a coating that gives you the appearance of paint but with an array of benefits. One of its biggest functions is Rhino Shield’s durability. Traditional methods require repainting on your Atlanta home’s stucco every three to ten years, but our exterior coating comes with a 25-year warranty. It has no problems adhering to aging stucco and can help with cracks and holes that occur in the material.

Benefits of Rhino Shield Stucco Paint

With Rhino Shield, you don’t get the average coverage that other painters provide homes. These options are often composed of cheap fillers like calcium carbonates. This makes paint dry into thin coats that break down quickly, leaving your home or business looking less than perfect. Because of this, you will be repainting your exterior far sooner than you should. Rhino Shield uses quality ceramic microspheres instead of fillers in a 100 percent acrylic waterborne formula that creates a waterproof, soundproof, insulating barrier over your stucco. Rhino Shield paint keeps your exterior looking great.

The Rhino Shield Warranty

For the best paint for stucco that lasts the test of time and still looks great, Rhino Shield offers the best quality. To ensure that our customers’ homes and businesses are protected, we have a 25-year warranty for our Rhino Shield paint. It is time to beautify your home with a product that lasts, resists fading, and is safe for the environment. Make your home or business the best on the block. Don’t keep repainting every few years, it’s time for something more permanent.

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Our Stucco Paint Colors

Every home and business has its own set of painting needs. We can match any exterior paint color and bring new life to older colors. If you are looking for something new to make your home or business stand out, we have plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our popular stucco color chart. These collections might be able to provide you with a great jumping off point.

Check Out Our Stucco Paint Colors

Having Trouble Visualizing?

Choosing your stucco paint colors can be a big decision, and our team would love to help you make the choice. When it comes time for your decision, you should know exactly what you want. That’s why we have created a tool to visualize what your exterior could look like. You can start by looking at some stucco home pictures in paint colors we offer in our stucco colors photo gallery. Then you can upload a photo and visualize your exterior with a new design or just with an updated coat. Leave understanding how to paint stucco to us, you just pick your stucco paint colors.

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Exterior Stucco Painting and Coating

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