Rhino Shield Fixes Cracking and Peeling Paint Problems

Rhino Shield Fixes Cracking and Peeling Paint Problems

Rhino Shield Fixes Cracking and Peeling Paint Problems

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Maintaining your home’s exterior paint is crucial for its overall upkeep and visual appeal. A common challenge many homeowners encounter is the cracking and peeling of exterior paint. Rhino Shield offers an effective solution to these widespread issues in exterior paintwork.

Why Does Paint Crack and Peel?

Peeling paint results from losing its adhesion and separating from the underlying surface. This issue is prevalent with latex and oil-based paints, leading to the necessity of repainting every 4-6 years.

What Causes Paint To Crack or Peel?

  • Application Errors: Peeling paint is often due to improper application or insufficient surface preparation. Inadequate prep, painting over dirty or damp surfaces, or using an unsuitable primer can lead to peeling. Rhino Shield contractors meticulously select primers based on the substrate type to ensure strong adhesion.
  • Weather-Related Factors: Not considering weather conditions during application can cause significant problems. Painting should be avoided during rainy periods or extremely hot days, as excessive heat can damage the coating, and moisture can lead to cracking and peeling.
  • Age and Paint Efficacy: The natural aging of paint is a primary factor in peeling or disbanding. Over time, paints lose their effectiveness and start to deteriorate. Rhino Shield combats this with its 25-year, transferable, non-prorated warranty for its coatings, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Structural Issues: Persistent peeling can indicate more profound issues like water leakage or wood rot, which need immediate attention to prevent further damage.
  • Patching Cracks: Properly sealing existing cracks is vital to prevent further material deterioration, which can eventually affect the paint job. Merely painting over surface cracks may temporarily cover them, but they can reappear and grow visible over time.

Rhino Shield Can Prevent Cracking and Peeling Problems on Painted Exteriors

Rhino Shield offers several benefits that prevent cracking and peeling:

  • Breathability: The breathable elastomeric coating of Rhino Shield helps alleviate medium-term peeling caused by air and moisture pressure, reducing the risk of peeling.
  • Crack Sealing: Rhino Shield installers seal every existing crack, regardless of size, before applying the coating. This approach prevents cracks from widening and showing through the paint, maintaining the home’s exterior aesthetics.
  • Elongation and Tensile Strength: The formulation of Rhino Shield has excellent elongation and tensile strength, enabling it to bridge developing cracks as the house settles, keeping the exterior appearance intact.
  • Climate-Region-Specific Formulas: Rhino Shield has formulations tailored for specific climates, ensuring the coating remains flexible even in extreme temperatures, thus preventing the paint from becoming brittle and cracking.
  • Exceptional Adhesion: The adhesion strength of Rhino Shield is so strong that it can even tear apart concrete when attempting to remove the coating. This level of adhesion guarantees that the coating stays firmly attached to the substrate.
  • Professional Expertise: Rhino Shield emphasizes using trained, certified professionals for exterior painting. Our experts ensure proper primer selection, correct preparation, and application of the best-suited coating system for your environment.

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