Understanding The 4 Types of Rhino Shield Primers

Understanding The 4 Types of Rhino Shield Primers

Understanding the 4 types of rhino shield primers

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Our initial step toward achieving a superior exterior paint job is applying a primer. Primers are designed to prepare the surface that’s about to be coated, facilitating enhanced adhesion and durability. Rhino Shield has various primers that distinguish themselves in the exterior painting marketplace. Our primers are specifically crafted to establish the best-primed surface possible. As a result, your exterior painting project is assured to look and perform it’s best. 

Adhesive Primer Sealant (APS)

Rhino Shield’s Adhesive Primer Sealant (APS) is a distinctive, proprietary primer sealer that is different from conventional primers. On application, it transforms into a watertight membrane that integrates with the underlying substance of the layer. This makes a more robust and protective layer. Our unparalleled Adhesive Primer Sealer has been a pillar of our brand’s success for over two decades. 

The Adhesive Primer Sealant (APS) is engineered to rejuvenate, fortify, and prepare surfaces for the application of our resilient final ceramic coat. It works to ensure the success of your exterior painting project. The solid bond between the primer sealer and the substrate layer minimizes the risk of moisture intrusion under the finish coat. Consequently, our adhesive primer sealer guarantees a moisture-resistant layer between your structure and our product, regardless of the humidity level. Lastly, APS can fill minuscule cracks in walls and works in harmony with the Durable Finish Coat (DFC) top coat.

Our adhesive primer sealer is expressly formulated to function alongside Rhino Shield’s ceramic finish coat. It is perfect for both residential and commercial exterior painting tasks. This transparent primer can be applied to various materials, such as wood, stucco, Hardie Plank®, brick, metal, concrete, and more.

Benefits of Adhesive Primer Sealant:

  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Signature Tacky Feel
  • Extend Coating Life
  • Weatherproofing
  • Versatile
  • Penetrating

Elastomeric Primer

Rhino Shield’s Elastomeric Primer is a self-priming, highly breathable ceramic acrylic elastomeric primer offering extreme water resistance, impressive coverage, and superior adhesion to various surface types. Composed of a mix of first-rate resins and ceramic microspheres, the self-priming coat delivers insulation and offers advantages in sound reduction. This robust primer can be tinted to facilitate color changes and boost visual appeal when paired with our Protective Finish Coat.

Our self-priming coat is conceived to work under our Protective Finish Coat (PFC), forming the ultimate breathable elastomeric system. This product is the preferred primer for wooden surfaces exposed to significant climatic fluctuations and high humidity. Furthermore, our self-priming coat can be employed on walls and trims of various surfaces, including exterior primed wood, concrete, brick, masonry, stucco, and primed metal.

Benefits of our Elastomeric Primer

  • Extremely Breathable
  • Formulated For Extreme Climates and Higher Risk Wood Surfaces
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Increases Longevity of Top Coat
  • Effectively Bridges Cracks and Voids on Substrate
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Offers Excellent Masking of Previous Paint
  • Can Be Used to Build Mil Thickness on Surface

Red Oxide Rust Inhibitor

Rhino Shield’s red oxide metal primer is a more eco-friendly alternative than traditional red iron oxide formulas. This makes it an ideal option for those prioritizing environmental considerations in their exterior paint coatings. This primer is recognized as a water-based, direct-to-metal product.

For preparing a metal surface for an exterior painting or coating task, Rhino Shield recommends our red oxide metal primer for optimal results for your Durable Finish Coat (DFC) topcoat. This primer is designed to prime metals like steel and aluminum for coatings and assist in encapsulating existing rust. Our red oxide metal primer is rich in solids, including zinc and red iron oxide pigments. It can be applied to interior and exterior walls and roofs as a primer for various Rhino Shield topcoats.

Benefits of our Rust Inhibitor Primers

  • Proven Effective on the Most Difficult Rust Problems
  • Easy To Use and Install
  • Superior Alternative to Sand Blasting
  • High Solids Formulation
  • Comprised of Zinc and Red Iron Oxide to Create High-Quality Rust Encapsulation
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Accepts Most Finish Coats
  • Very Versatile
  • Eco-Friendly

Cement Board Primer

The Cement Board Primer (CBP) is a water-based, latex-driven, high-resin compound. It is tailor-made for sealing and conditioning porous cement board siding, stucco, and block surfaces. CBP is an excellent option for conditioning porous masonry surfaces. The adherence and versatility it offers contribute to its popularity among homeowners and businesses nationwide.

Cement Board Primer accommodates varying pH levels commonly found in cement boards such as HardiePlank, and mitigates the chance of color burn due to high alkalinity. It can neutralize the pH often found in new masonry, ensuring a consistent look and durable finish. Our Cement Board Primer’s exceptional penetrating abilities allow it to infiltrate the substrate and establish a long-lasting bond with the finish coat. This helps revitalize and fortify the surface that it’s applied to. 

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