Exterior Cement Painting & Coating

More Atlanta residents are choosing cement for their homes. The material weathers the climate well and mimics wood without the chance of rot. Many of the reasons people prefer cement align with the benefits of our exterior coating at Rhino Shield by Georgia Coatings. Rhino Shield and cement are the perfect coupling for a low-maintenance exterior. Both are tough and energy-efficient but have the same curb appeal as other materials. Let our cement painters give you a gorgeous exterior that doesn’t demand your repeated attention.

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Exterior Cement Painting & Coating

Atlanta’s Trusted Cement Painters

As a locally owned exterior painter, our contractors expertly paint and coat your cement exteriors for a beautiful final look that holds up 5 times more than traditional paint. Rhino Shield has a lifespan of 25 years that gives you more time to do the things you love, instead of repeatedly having to maintain your exterior’s paint. This is because Rhino Shield isn’t paint, it’s a protective coating that uses advanced ceramic technology that bonds to cement and seals your home from things like water and UV rays that fade latex paint.

High-Quality Coating for Cement

The Rhino Shield’s innovative application methods involve the addition of multiple layers that provide several benefits to cement siding. Water and fire resins add resistance from heat and moisture, while another layer insulates and quiets some outside noise. Another additive found in the coating our exterior painters apply contains mildewcides and algaecides to prevent biological growth on your cement. With our extensive color palettes and matching availability, your Atlanta home is protected without needing to sacrifice appeal.

Multi-Step Process by Our Exterior Painters

We’ve developed a multi-step application process for proper installation. Correct application is key to Rhino Shield’s longevity. Poorly installed coating often leads to the cracking and peeling we aim to prevent. Our cement painters clean and repair your cement surface to allow for complete adhesion. We’ll prep your exterior with caulking and taping and apply primer before the final coat. Before we finish, we will do one last inspection and touch-ups so your home looks better than ever.

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