The Rhino Shield Match Making Surface

The Rhino Shield Match Making Surface

Rhino Shield is a unique brand with an even more unique makeup in our products. It’s built to last, and even carries a 25 year warranty along with it. We pride ourselves on our quality products, and exceptional service. We are compatible with countless surfaces, so the possibilities truly are endless…almost. There are a few surfaces that we just don’t mesh well with, and that’s okay too. We want our customers to be as happy, and fulfilled as possible, which means we’ll only treat surfaces that our products bond well with. To help guide you in your home project dreams, and to see if we’re the perfect match for you, your home, and the needs you’re looking to fulfill.

Rhino Shield’s exterior coating bonds well to almost any type of siding out there, helping give your home a fresh look that your neighbors are sure to envy.  We want to give you the service you need, and are happy to work on hardie plank, cement board siding, brick, stucco, Masonite, Louisiana Pacific, vinyl, aluminum, T1-11, cedar, cedar shakes, reverse board and batten, and log siding. Each of these comes with a 25 year warranty. We’ll also coat fences and railings, however there is no warranty attached to either of these surfaces. Deck and garage floors, pressure treated lumbar, pergolas, door bodies, and true logs do not bond well with out product so unfortunately, we do not work on these types of projects.

If we’re compatible with your home project, let us know! Our painting contractors have over 16 years of experience handling exterior painting projects. We provide services for residential and commercial locations so everyone can get the most out of our protective coating. We perform all site work from start to finish with every project so you can get the most from our staff. With courteous and professional workmanship, we give coating solutions that leave you feeling good.

Our exterior coating comes in nearly every color available and our experts work with you to create the look you prefer. Rhino Shield’s rubber-like membrane bonds to surfaces to caulk and seal your exterior. Once our protective coating is applied, your home is fortified from most fire and water damage and repels algae and mildew. There are countless benefits to our product. For a free estimate head over to our main page, or give us a call today! We want to be your perfect match.

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