The Science Behind Rhino Shield’s Longer-Lasting Colors

The Science Behind Rhino Shield’s Longer-Lasting Colors

The Science Behind Rhino Shield's Longer-Lasting Colors

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Rhino Shield ceramic coatings offer homeowners many benefits that traditional latex paint simply can’t match. One of the benefits is Rhino Shield’s ability to resist color fading, which is largely in part due to self-crosslinking technology.

What is Self-Crosslinking Technology

Self-crosslinking is a process that chemically binds two distinct polymer chains. It’s important because you can use a single-component product with photo-initiated crosslinking. In simpler terms, when the paint is exposed to UV light from the sun, the self-crosslinking reaction is triggered, enhancing the paint’s molecular structure and forming a more robust, tightly bonded network.

How Does Self-Crosslinking Help Resist Color Fading?

This enhanced bond provided by the self-crosslinking process means that the paint’s surface is less susceptible to the breakdown typically caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. The UV light, instead of degrading the paint, helps to strengthen the protective properties of the coating.

This results in a finish that maintains its color and integrity for longer, resisting the fading and degradation common with traditional exterior paints. The self-crosslinking feature of Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint is one of the reasons it is particularly suited for harsh environments, such as those found in coastal areas where the sun is intense, and the paint is subjected to severe exposure conditions.

Mike Moore, AmCoat’s Director of Products and Applications, has this to say:
“Self-crosslinking first came onto my radar about 10 years ago, and I was very interested in it as a way to improve our Rhino Shield formula. We began testing the technology with our products roughly 8 years ago, and we started a full-time effort to formulate and integrate self-cross linking technology into our exterior formulas roughly 3 years ago. It’s improved our top coats across the board.

The most durable and best coatings tend to use self-crosslinking technology. While self-crosslinking is not unique to Rhino Shield, we were an early adopter of the technology. By taking advantage of the technology, we’re getting more durability in our coatings, helping with our wind-driven rain tests and long-term colorfastness. This is super important in a single component coating and is key to the high customer satisfaction Rhino Shield maintains.”

Additional Scientific Benefits of Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings

BASF Testing

Rhino-Shield Ceramic Coating has been rigorously third-party tested by BASF and a series of independent labs to ensure quality, consistency, and dependability. Rhino-Shield Ceramic Coating meets or exceeds requirements in the following categories:

TestASTM#ResultASTM Laboratory
Solar Reflective IndexE 1980106Atlas Labs
Fire Rating (flame spread)E 84-21a5Commercial Testing Company
Smoke Developed IndexE 84-21b0Commercial Testing Company
ElongationD 2370499%DMC
PermeanceD 1653 B13.16 US perms2 lab average
Tensile StrengthD 2370178 lb/in2DMC
Algae Growth/3 SpeciesD 5590-17No GrowthMicro Star Labs
MildewD 5590-17No GrowthMicro Star Labs
Tear ResistanceD 47111.9 lbsBASF
R Value EquivalentFt2 • °F • h6.89PE no 64095
After Accelerated Weathering Chamber:
Cracking and CheckingVisualNone/NilBASF
ElongationD 2370
Tensile StrengthD 2370

BASF is one of the world’s largest and most respected chemical companies. They are recognized by the slogan, “We don’t make a lot of the product you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy better.” BASF has performed several rounds of testing on Rhino-Shield. Rhino-Shield excels at flexibility, tear resistance, tensile strength, breathability, and viscosity. Additionally, BASF performed an accelerated aging test. At the end of the test, Rhino-Shield showed no visible signs of aging and maintained its elastomeric properties.

Class A Fire Rating

Rhino-Shield has a class A fire and smoke rating. Our ‘Best in Class’ fire rating is a testament to this commitment. When you choose Rhino Shield, you choose superior fire protection, stunning aesthetics, and a lasting solution for your home’s exterior.

Salt Tolerance

Rhino-Shield is the most salt-tolerant coating on the market. This is vital in coastal areas. As the testing shows, we are in the top category of salt tolerance and even outperformed the industry standard, Rustoleum.

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